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Getting Our Mood Board On

Getting Our Mood Board On

If you’ve ever felt like your first client comps aren’t nailing it, you really need to give mood boards a try. Mood boards are a way to save time by quickly communicating an overall design direction to your client for approval. This can involve just one that they need to approve, or multiple variations from which they can choose a direction. Either way, by getting this visual feedback up front, your first comps will come much closer to hitting the bulls-eye.

The gang talks about their own experiences with mood boards, as well as tips and tricks to make sure you’re getting everything you can out of this exercise, (and have a little moment of creative zen along the way.)

We also answer a listener question about landing an agency job with no prior agency experience, (as well as little to no digital experience.)

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Anna Robinson

February 25, 2017

Hi guys, what an interesting episode (again ??). I learned the mood boards back in art school in my youth (many years ago ?), but I haven’t used them since… I just don’t feel there is room for them in most of the small budgets that “happen to me”, or maybe I’m just lazy?
I’m sure there’s something wrong with me but I honestly find myself avoiding “live meetings” with clients, even over the phone since I have so little time and I want to have written proof of everything. A few years ago I had more meetings but I think It must be that age has slowed me down so I just want to be as efficient as possible and not spend time “chatting”. But also, to be honest, I now need time to reflect which also makes me prefer emailing.
Do you guys ever have these problems? I guess you are still young with “fresh brains” ? which I am not.
I’m thinking it would be so valuable to get access to your processes – I mean really in detail with instructions and examples. Have you ever considered selling “strategy packages” to your fellow colleagues and podcast fans?




March 1, 2017

Hi guys and girl!
Avid listener here, thanks for helping to shape my thinking for how I handle my design biz.

Loved this episode, and it brought up a question to an issue I’m dealing with.

How do you handle going forward with a prelim task like mood boarding, knowing that you need to get paid and set terms for that first?



March 8, 2017

Hey! I was confused when you guys were talking about “how many” moodboards to present to the client. Do you do different moodboards based on a certain component? Or what reason would you have to create several moodboards? So if I’m doing a logo project, what would an example of the moodboards I present be and how would they be different?


Sean Jamshidi

March 19, 2017

Meeting with clients to explain an identity design is good if the budget is good and the client is a bigger fish. Also beware that the more you try to justify your reason for designing something the way you did, the more the client gets confused. Keep it simple.



March 29, 2017

Michelle what did you say at 2:32? I really like the what?


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