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Building & Using Your Network

Building & Using Your Network

No designer is an island. To one degree or another, we all rely on a network of others to keep our business afloat. Maybe you subcontract out some work that you can’t handle on your own. Maybe you have created valuable relationships with print vendors, hosting providers, etc. And lets not forget how valuable networking can be to find clients that we want to work with over and over again.

In short, building a network of both creative support and prospective clients is too important to ignore. In this episode, we talk all about how we have managed to build up our networks, and how we utilize then to benefit both our businesses and theirs. After all, all relationships should be give-and-take in order for everybody to benefit.

We also answer a listener question from a very young listener who wants to find clients locally without relying on emails/online methods.

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July 20, 2014

Hey Wes,

Huge thanks to you and the awesome DesignCast for another great episode! Another great way I’ve found for leveraging social media to network is by finding job post pages created by your school/peers for members of your school/alma mater on Facebook. I guess it helps if it’s a design school, but I’ve so far gotten 2 gigs from following up with people who either posted or from a friend who tagged my name to a post of my field/major.

Also, I would be highly interested in an Instagram themed episode to learn more about its benefits.

Best to you all and the great work!


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