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The Designer’s Spring Cleaning Checklist

The Designer’s Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring has officially sprung, which is a great time for us as graphic and web designers to take a little time to spruce up all aspects of our work lives. In this episode, the gang talks about ways you can keep organized and clean up what has been piling over the year. Also, we address a negative itunes revew where we were called out for excessive swearing, and make a solemn vow (for now) to keep it clean!

We also answer a listener question about how to approach your early design career: make lots of money/benefits, versus making less but learning more.

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Andrew George

March 31, 2015

I’ve recently discovered your Podcast and would like to mention that you guys are great! Thanks for offering such valuable information in a light, fun and entertaining way. Really cool.

Here’s a few questions for ya’ll! :)

1) Do you use a CRM? If not, how do you manage your client info/ schedule meetings, calls etc..
2) I hear you occasionally talking about WordPress, but what are your thoughts on Adobe Muse CC?
3) What are your experiences with eCommerce? Any recommendations for a cost effective way of introducing eCommerce to an Adobe Muse design? I currently don’t have much experience with eCommerce, so any help is appreciated :)


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