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DesignCast 70: Listener Question Show, Extreme Student Edition!

DesignCast 70: Listener Question Show, Extreme Student Edition!

Its time for another listener question show! Thanks to Nick Longo, our resident design professor, we have a whole crop of questions submitted by design students. So if you’re in school, listen up. And if you’re not, don’t worry, the questions are still very applicable to designers at any level.

As always, send in your listener questions to: questions@ We especially love to get audio questions, so just record yourself asking a brief design-related question and email us the mp3 (or other audio file,) and we will try our best to answer it on an upcoming episode.

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Mike Baldwin

October 2, 2014

On the charging hourly or per project topic; I personally find it easier to charge by project but to gain a stronger grasp on how long it takes me to do projects, I make sure I log the hours of each project to keep a record of how long each one took. This makes it easier to adjust my price list and give quotes as I go.

Great show as usual guys! :)



October 13, 2014

Hey Guys, great show by the way. I love listening to designer insights. I’ve been a designer for 8 about years now, and I still get many good pointers from you guys!! Love it!

I just wanted to add a few things about the Resume Discussions. An extremely awesome source for helping designers with their resumes are creative headhunter agencies. Not only are they knowledgable about how our design industry works, but they run through resume after resume of designers, developers, managers, and directors. They pretty much see it all, and they know what a good resume looks like.

Thanks again for an awesome show guys, keep at it :)




February 4, 2015

Great show! I wanted to bring up one point about adding a Major or Minor – I think it really depends on how your college works and what you are majoring in. While I majored in Graphic Design, I could have also minored in photography or illustration, or ( what i should have done) Business. There are more to minors than just Philosophy or English.

While you are in school, take advantage of those classes you are paying for when you are enrolled full time. Yes of course film studies sound like a great easy A ( it was – and it is) but man while it sounds super boring! A small business accounting class would have been great when I was already paying for a 3 credit class


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