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Graphic Design Trends of 2017 Predicted!

Graphic Design Trends of 2017 Predicted!

With 2016 quickly approaching, let’s turn to what 2017 will likely have in store for us as graphic designers. In this episode, the gang talks about the trends we have all been noticing and are likely to spike in the new year. We talk creative trends, as well as a few trends in the creative freelancing arena.

We also answer a new listener question about how to rise above all those free tools just about anyone can use to simulate a graphic designer’s job.

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January 6, 2017

Great episode. Thx for the McD cup head’s up! Hahaha! Can you post some of the images / logos u guys were referring to through the episode? Thx y’all…



March 28, 2017

One of your best podcasts yet! There’s some awesome graphic design trends showcase in this wee video


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