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The Year End Wrap-Up

The Year End Wrap-Up

We’re coming right up on 2014, and what better time to stop and look back on what we learned this past year? (We thought about doing it in July, but is just seemed premature.) Wes, Mikelle and Sam each talk briefly about the biggest lesson they learned in their design careers this year, as well as their career goals for 2014. We also share some our favorite listener lesson and goal submissions. There were some great ones, so be sure to stick around for those as well.

We finish out the year with two brand spankin’ new listener questions about educating clients who aren’t used to the creative process, and what to do about the age old problem of the client who takes their sweet time supplying you with content.

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David Scott

December 27, 2013

Wes, you talk about about SEO. Could you do a podcast just talking about your SEO practices? I’m really intrigued about what your methods are. I’m also just confused as to what needs to be done to maximize SEO for myself and any future clients.


    Liam Clisham

    January 2, 2014

    I too would love this.


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