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Help! My Client Thinks He’s a Designer!

Help! My Client Thinks He’s a Designer!

As designers, it’s completely normal to get feedback from your clients. When it can become frustrating, however, is when that feedback turns into a full-on concept with instructions to “just make this.”

It can be confusing. After all, they are supposedly paying us for our expertise, not just our ability to trace and digitize. While this can sometimes be a teachable moment for our clients, there are those that cannot be talked out of their own ideas, even if ours are more considered.

This episode was inspired by a listener question from Darren Doyle of Studio93. He recently went through this situation and wanted our advice on how to handle it. We thought the question needed some clarification, and so we decided to go long-form with it.

You can hear Darren’s whole story, see how things got to this point, what he could have done to prevent it, and ultimately what happens next.

We also answer a listener question about how to save for retirement as a creative solopreneur.

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Joe Guenther

August 31, 2016

How do you make sure they are not using the unpaid for work. I lost out on 700. So not quite enough to take them to court. Any tips or tricks.


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