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The Creative Director Track

The Creative Director Track

Being a graphic designer is great. But many designers have aspirations of going even further in their creative careers, and for some that means becoming a creative director one day. In this episode, the gang breaks down how to be a creative director; what kind of personality is most attracted to the role, what is often required of the job, and more importantly, what do you need to be doing right now in order to get there someday?

We have Sam Cox back with us (a bona fide creative director himself) to offer his insights and personal experience on the subject. We learn how he got to where he is today, and what he likes and dislikes about his role as a CD.

Also, we take on a few more listener questions about how to start in the wonderful world of WordPress web design (alliteration, anyone?) and whether you should follow your creative carer passions at the risk of losing a steady payday.

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Brendan Donnelly

September 4, 2013

Hey Wes! Another great podcast. This one was especially interesting to me. I work for a big insurance company where I work for an internal communications team. My role over the past 3-4 years has basically been the de-facto “Creative guy.” I basically spend 80 percent of my day designing print and digital collateral, internal branding, logos for various areas, etc. and I love it. But, I really want to get into a role where that IS the role!

I graduated from a liberal arts school in 2007 with a degree in Management. I want to get more into professional design as a career, but I feel like my Management degree and Communications position doesn’t sell on a resume.

Any ideas on how I can make myself stand out, especially in the advance screening process?

Keep up the great work and I’ll keep listening.



Eric Robinson

September 4, 2013

Hey Wes (+ gang),

LOVE the segway at the beginning of the episode! LOL

Another great episode! I personally aspire to be a creative director, so thank you for offering all the insight!

P.S. my mom loves HGTV and House Hunters! Did you hear that those auction shows on A&E are rigged as well? Thought that was funny!



February 8, 2019

Hi Wes, I’m new to this podcast and am really enjoying it! I’d really love to listen to this specific episode as this is where I’m at in my career. I’ve tried on multiple device and it doesn’t seem to play…Are the older episodes archived or removed?


    Wes McDowell

    February 13, 2019

    Hey Colin! Just go to and follow the instructions to get access to the full archives of classic episodes!


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