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How to Develop a Branding Guide

How to Develop a Branding Guide

Everyone knows that the logo is the cornerstone of a company’s branding and identity. But why stop after just designing the logo for a client? Not only is offering a printable set of branding guidelines invaluable to your clients, but it can be a great upsell of your services as well. In other words, if youcan master this, it can result in more money for your client, as well as you. Win-win.

In a nutshell, a branding guide will detail exactly how your client’s new logo should, (and more importantly,) should NOT be used. The main goal of a branding or identity guide is to establish consistency for your client’s brand. This has a lot to do with the logo, but touches on other areas as well, such as typography and brand colors across all mediums.

In this episode, we talk about what you should include in the guide, as well as some formatting tips which will make it even easier.

We also answer a listener follow-up question from episode 54, about how to best label self-initiated projects in your portfolio.

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