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How to Get Amazing Client Testimonials (Portfolio Site Pro-Tips Series)

How to Get Amazing Client Testimonials (Portfolio Site Pro-Tips Series)

Would you ever buy a product or service online without seeing a rating or review? Neither would we, and neither would your potential clients! The best way around this is to turn your existing graphic design clients into raving fans, and let them do the heavy lifting of selling you to others.


Not sure how to ask for a testimonial? We cover that, along with how to make sure you get clear, concise, and specific testimonials that future clients will be able to trust. We also talk about where to put them on your portfolio site for maximum impact. So listen close, you won’t want to miss any of this information.

Check out one of The Deep End’s video testimonials below:


We also tackle a few new listener questions about inexpensive ways to market yourself as a designer, and when you should start thinking about expanding your business.


As always, if you have a testimonial or testimonial section on your own site, or if you know of any good examples online, leave the link below in the comment section!

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March 17, 2013

I love your podcast, these are really helping me a lot.
I am a freelance designer from india with 2 year of experience and i was looking all over the internet for good design/freelance guidance and i am glad that i had found your website… Keep up good work…


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