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Lead Magnet Ideas For Designers

Lead Magnet Ideas For Designers

No matter where social media goes, it’s still critical to keep an email list of client leads in 2018 — it’s the only means of communication you actually own. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter could go away tomorrow, but your list is yours. In this, the first part of a 2-part series on email marketing for designers, we will go over 7 different lead magnet ideas you can start using to build your list of leads.

Each has its own pros and cons, and there are varying degrees of difficulty, but when done right, a well-produced, and well marketed lead magnet can bring in a steady stream of prospects that you can nurture over time, leading to many more of the RIGHT kinds of clients. Clients who know, like and trust you, which means they will pay more to work with you, and will take your expert advice much more readily.

We also answer a listener question about writing off unpaid work on your taxes.

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August 10, 2018


I am getting into website design more and more and coming from a design background I was hooked when I discovered adobe muse but sadly it is coming to a end. What would you suggest people moving onto and what do you create your websites in





November 28, 2018

Hey Gary, Have you dabbled with WordPress and any of the page builders at all? I’ve found Divi and Elementor to be pretty nice. Drag n Drop page building, it’s a probably a lot less design focused than Muse, but, it creates websites that are a lot faster, lightweight and versatile. Very easy to learn.


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