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Legal Tips & Takeaways for Designers

Legal Tips & Takeaways for Designers

Over the years, we’ve gotten a bunch of legal questions submitted from our listeners. But we never feel very comfortable answering them — until now!

In this episode, the gang sits down with Angie Avard Turner, a designer-turned-attorney for creatives. She answers all OUR questions, as well as a bunch that were submitted by you, our loyal listeners.

This is a very important episode, and we had a lot of fun recording it too. There’s truly something for everyone in this episode, so pay close attention for the sake of your creative business!

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Information contained in this podcast is general in nature, for informational purposes only, and it is not intended as legal advice.  Legal advice should be obtained from an attorney before action is taken based upon this information. Listening to this podcast, in no way, creates an attorney-client relationship.

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Ricky Garcia

March 7, 2019

Been looking forward to this topic for years!


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