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DesignCast 20 : The Listener Question Show Part 2

DesignCast 20 : The Listener Question Show Part 2

Its hard to believe we’ve already reached 20 episodes! Even more unbelievable is the number of amazing questions we get from our listeners on a weekly basis. So for our 20th show celebration, we are going to once again clean out the old inbox and answer a bunch of questions at once. And since we have such a diverse group of listeners, the questions are pretty varied. Which keeps us on our toes, and ensures that there is something for everyone in this episode.

We even answer the age-old question: does design-MacGuyver exist?


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September 4, 2012


Thanks for taking my question! I paused the podcast for a couple of hours and then came back, hit play, and heard my name! It was a pleasant surprise. I’ve shared the podcast with a couple of other designers I know. I think you’re providing a great service and giving designers like myself (out in the boonies) a sense of design community. Great job and thanks again!


    Wes McDowell

    September 8, 2012

    Hey Hannah, our pleasure! Thanks for sending in your question. Its a problem that a lot of freelancers have, so you’re for sure not alone! And thanks for turning your friends onto us. We love that kind of support.


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