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How to Make a Name For Yourself as a Designer on Social Media

How to Make a Name For Yourself as a Designer on Social Media

One of the very best ways to be successful as a designer, make good money, and earn trust with your clients is to make a name for yourself in the industry. Thank God we live in the age of social media, where we can actually make that happen — if we play it right.

In this episode, we were lucky enough to sit down with Lauren Hom — a hand lettering artist with a knack for marketing who loves helping creatives and brands get more eyes on their work!

Her insights are incredible for designers at every level in terms of using Instagram and other social platforms to stand out, and become a creative industry leader. Is it easy? No, but nothing worthwhile ever is. If you take these tips to heart, and put in the work required, you too can benefit from everything social media has to offer us as creative business people.

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