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MAXin’ & Freelancin’

MAXin’ & Freelancin’

Well we finally made it happen — all 3 of us recording in the same room! Well, it was an Airstream to be exact, but who’s keeping track anyway?

In this historic episode, the gang sits down live at Adobe MAX to talk all about creative freelancing with the girl who co-wrote the book on the subject, Amy Hood.

We cover everything from what it’s like working with your twin, how to take the emotion out of money, and how to deal with clients.

We also answer a new listener question about whether or not you can charge more when you hand over your native working files.

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October 31, 2018


I know you’re super busy so this will only take 60 seconds to read. My name is Jeff and I reached out to you on Twitter a few months ago about a book I wrote called “The Dominant Designer,” all about how to present yourself and your work in ways that win trust and authority, the body language and communication aspects of being a designer that are hugely important and rarely discussed.

If you think it may be an interesting topic for your listeners, I’d love to send you an attachment of possible discussion points for a potential podcast episode. You can look it over in 30 seconds and decide if it would be worth their time or not.

Anyway, if you are too busy to respond I totally understand. Keep up the great work!

– Jeff


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