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Overcoming Price Objection

Overcoming Price Objection

When speaking with prospective clients, one topic that will invariably come up is price. But what do you do when a potential client thinks your design services are just too expensive?

In this episode, we tackle the topic of how to deal with clients who are obsessed with price. We cover everything from explaining your value, to changing the scope of the project to accommodate their budget, to knowing when you may need to just walk away.

This episode’s listener question deals with how you should display your work in your portfolio: actual photos or Photoshop mockups?

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Brad Miller

April 15, 2014

This is just another example of why I bill and estimate by the hour. A client knows I’m not pulling a number out of the air, but the price represents real time and effort.

Also, I can scale down a job if their budget only pays for a lower amount of my time. This usually motivates a client to make the process a smooth one since extra time will cost them. Alternatively, a client my spend the agreed upon time and want more…and it’s a good thing as opposed to “scope creep” on a flat rat quote.

I know clients want a flat rate so they know what they are paying, but I give them that with my hourly rate. I stick to my quote on time and tell them when they are going off budget.

It’s easy to justify a price if the client knows what they are buying.



April 22, 2014

If a client thinks the prices are to much then I would suggest working by the hour. This means they can appreciate how much time you are putting into the work. However there has to be a line drawn… Sometimes clients are just cheap and you need to walk away.


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