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Packaging Design Tips & Trends

Packaging Design Tips & Trends

They say not to judge a book by it’s cover, but we’re all guilty of choosing products based purely on their packaging. In this episode, our resident packaging guru, Nick walks us through the latest packaging design tips & trends that you can use to add value to your next packaging design project.

We also briefly discuss our thoughts on the new uber rebrand, and how to handle client work while you’re sick.

We answer a brand new listener question about what to do if 90% of your project experience comes from a single brand. How do you showcase that in a portfolio to show that you can actually handle a variety of projects?

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April 7, 2016

I just listened to the episode and I especially liked the part when you talked about the Walmart policy on big, bloated, unnecessary or weird packaging. I’m living in Beijing for the moment, and been noticing the huge amounts of unnecessary packaging that the Chinese use for their products. Cookies, candies, fruit, you name it, often comes *individually* packaged. Sometimes comes to the point where a butter cookie is individually wrapped, then six of them wraps inside another bag, and then four bags of six bags inside another big bag. Or even a nice hard base made of more plastic just to keep every package well organised inside the big one. Imagine the russian matrioska dolls… And the Chinese *love* to unwrap everything. Their argument is that everything is more convenient to take in your bag or pockets. For me it just seems a big waste of money and resources.


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