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How to Produce Pro-Level Branding Videos With Your Smartphone

How to Produce Pro-Level Branding Videos With Your Smartphone

By 2019, video will make up 80% of all web traffic. Besides, video is one of the best ways to brand your design business, build trust, and showcase the personality behind the business.

This week, we have special guest Cielo de la Paz to walk us through the entire process: what you need, how to prepare, shoot and edit. And as promised, all you really need is your smartphone (and maybe one or two affordable accessories to increase production value.)

In addition to learning for your own branding, you can 100% apply this to your clients — so you can provide a very valuable add-on service to branding and/or web projects.

We also answer a listener question about who is ultimately responsible for typos and mistakes on a final project.

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May 12, 2018

Web design Q from new listener.

Love the show is just what i was looking for.

Q: So i live in an under developed market. Web design is my passion and i have the training. I’m going to be working with businesses that can’t afford agency coding and I have two questions, answer either or both thanks:

1. Working with new low budget web customers doesn’t frustrate me but as a raw talent, how can I make the process simple, concrete and organized? I would like to be not-raw at walking them through their specifications and being clear about their prompt budget payment.

2. I’m embarrassed to ask, but how does hosting work for these new web clients? I can’t imagine those clients handling the hosting. But in that case how do I avoid owning their domain and their site, since I’d be doing the hosting?

The answers to these questions would get me moving faster and i really would like to just dig right into this. Thanks so much!



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