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Project Minimums to Maximize Business

Project Minimums to Maximize Business

Nothing can kill the productivity of a designer faster than a neverending barrage of small jobs. You have to wrap your head around a new brand, create invoices, and client interactions for a micro-payout. This is why it is so crucial to have a project minimum — the absolute minimum amount you’re willing to take on a new job for.

This can be applied to either money, time or scope. Whatever makes the most sense for you and your design business. In this episode, the gang talks all about why having a minimum is important, and what can be wasted without one. And of course, we all have stories to tell on the subject.

We also answer a new listener question about the specific marketing/messaging that got us our first “big fish” clients.

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February 18, 2017

Great advice! I recently started creating myself all the documents needed to start a project (proposal, contract, estimate, etc.) and it’s really been helping me out a lot. As a young designer, I’ve always been nervous about asking a potential client for anything more than $50. After some great advice from you guys and some others in the design community I’ve been able to raise my prices 10x of what I was charging a year ago. I think this is due to the professionalism I put into the whole discovery process. When a client sees a nicely designed website, proposal, and contract it really helps them justify spending the money.



February 19, 2017

Would love to hear your comments on this episode! Anxious to hear your thoughts!



February 20, 2017

Hey there. The past couple of episodes it seems like the levels have been off by quite a bit between the three of you. Nick sounds very loud and Mikelle is very soft. Wes is in the middle. It’s bad enough that I have to keep turning my volume up and down depending on who is talking at a given time. Great content as always though!! Enjoyed the listen overall.


Sean Jamshidi

February 26, 2017

Great podcast. Few questions that you may wish to answer in your next program.
1) Would you be open to supporting a client with future material or guidance on their website if they take their website to another developer and no longer wish to work with you? (This question came up when you said that you do not close doors with anyone).

2) Would you display your minimum amount your willing to work for on your website?


Kristen Holland

March 28, 2017

Loved the shout out to the Apple watch in this episode and using it to run your business and day-today life. My husband is an Apple Software Engineer who was on the Series 1 watch and part of series 2. Obviously, he got me one immediately at launch since he had worked on it and I wore is like the adoring wife I am. :) But, the notifications and reminders (and timers) alone have made me much more efficient and keeping me on task at running my freelance business. Thanks for all you do!


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