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Qualifying Your Clients

Qualifying Your Clients

Whenever you first meet with a new prospective client, they are sizing you up. And if you’re smart, you’re sizing them up right back. After all, you probably don’t want to work with everyone who comes your way. There are many things to consider: their budget versus your rates, their niche, their project, and their overall attitude. In short, you need to figure out pretty quickly whether or not you want to work with this person.

In today’s episode, the gang dissects the qualification process. Why we do it, and how. Because if you’re serious about your design business, you need to be selective with your clients. Some will make your job incredibly fulfilling, and some will make you hate getting up in the morning. Even worse, pick the wrong clients consistently enough, and you’ll be out of business altogether.

We also answer a listener question about sending out physical work samples to get new business, and how to do that with nothing but “concept” portfolio work.

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March 23, 2017

Ever think about putting the podcast on Google Music? iTunes just ain’t what it used to be, especially for Windows/Android users.



March 23, 2017

Another great episode! Thanks Wes for sharing your process. U answered my question about whether or how to deal with the idea of charging for discovery. Also good to hear how you qualify your clients. I may be hitting you up to design my site when I’m ready. On another note, I think you guys may have sold me on FreshBooks… Haha! After I file my taxes I’ll be looking into switching over!


Jakub Safranek

March 24, 2017

Hi from the Czech Republic,
you talked about showing design to a client in a context (like a dozen of printed business card, on a glass at a store, etc.). My question is: How do you make these things?



May 30, 2017

Jakub, tons of great Mock-Up resources are available for this (like ) or make them yourself to me 100% original. Nick


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