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Secrets to Winning $10K+ Web Projects

Secrets to Winning $10K+ Web Projects

In the new year, what better resolution can we have than to do higher value work for higher value pay? In this episode, Wes interviews Brent Weaver, founder of about this very subject.

Brent talks about how you can find those big fish clients, as well as how to qualify them to make sure they can afford high value web projects. Then we talk about the discovery process which will allow you to deep dive into your client’s business to uncover ways you can actually help them achieve their business goals through their new website. This is the key to delivering high value web projects, and it’s what will allow you to start charging much more than you currently do.

We also talk about how to add some recurring revenue streams into the mix, so that you don’t just end a project abruptly. You can continue to provide value to them in the long-term, which is good for your business as well.

After the interview, the gang answers a new listener question about design “tests.” Should you have to put up with them or not?

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