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Supplementing with Subcontractors

Supplementing with Subcontractors

We love getting topic suggestions from our listeners, and today’s episode is one of those. We’ve talked a lot over the year about subcontracting work out to others. It’s a great way to fill in your skill gaps, or just have extra hands in order to focus on more important business-building tasks. In today’s episode, you’ll hear how we started getting our feet wet hiring subcontractors, what duties we give them, as well as a whole lot of advice we wish we’d known from the beginning.

We also answer an audio question about where we turn to keep learning in a very crowded Internet.

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May 10, 2017

I had some questions.

How do you show offices in multiple locations? Is it ok to show apartments as addresses on maps?
What ecommerce platform do you use? WooCommerce? Just recently it has big issues with PayPal and is down for milions of people.
How do you price ecommerce websites?


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