insurance broker website design

Poms & Associates

Poms & Associates is an insurance brokerage with offices throughout the southwest. Wanting a more current redesign, they contacted us.

They had not previously given much thought to the idea of getting new business through their web presence, but in our discovery sessions, we quickly saw some opportunity. Through keyword research, we found that there was a decent amount of search volume for key services they provide.

At the time they came to us, they were ranking in high positions for a few blog posts, but there was nothing in place on the site to capitalize on that traffic, and certainly no focus on converting that traffic into clients.

Our overall strategy involved prioritizing the services that would be most valuable for them to rank for, and measuring those priorities against the keyword search phrases that were the most searched, and had the least amount of competition.

In doing so, we were able to create content for and build ten new landing pages — each tied to an existing valuable service Poms provides. Each of these services receives a good number of Google searches per month, and have a low enough competition score to begin ranking well in a short amount of time.

The new landing pages are all conversion-focused, with copy that has been carefully crafted to appeal to their target customer. We made it easy for prospects to request a free consultation. They simply submit some basic information, and Poms’ sales team can them quickly and easily follow up with them. These elements were also added throughout the site, including on the pages and posts which were already performing well in search — but now they are conversion-focused as well.

So in the end, Poms achieved their goal of a brand new website with a much more current and polished look — as well as a valuable new client-generating tool.

rental car web design

Glendevon Motors

Glendevon Motors is a startup in the high-end luxury car rental market. Because of the caliber (and price point) of their fleet, we knew this was a website that had to appeal to an extreme niche audience.

Through several discovery sessions, were able to define this audience, which would be the basis of every decision we made from that point forward. The design, messaging and marketing efforts would reflect their newly defined audience.

Since we discovered that their niche audience would most likely be looking for them through online search, our first step was to identify the best keyword phrases to target. This usually involves striking a delicate balance between the phrases that get the most search volume, and which are the most realistic to try to rank well for.

We were able to identify the best keyword opportunities, which informed us which landing pages would need to be built in order to harness as many searchers as possible.

In order to make each landing page as persuasive as possible, we started with the written copy, and designed accordingly. Good copywriting can make or break a landing page, so we made sure to hit on everything that makes Glendevon Motors so attractive to its customer base.

Being a rental car company, Glendevon obviously needed a way to book reservations online, which we built into the site.

Other elements to this project included a custom lead-capture form, as well as a series of highly targeted Facebook ads, which would allow Glendevon to stay in front of their target market throughout their decision-making process.

ecommerce web design beauty brand


Kasho is a manufacturer of high-end salon shears and razors. Because of their extreme high quality — and price point —  they had previously only sold their products in physical locations, such as trade shows and in retail stores through third-party distributors. People just had to physically feel the quality before being enticed to buy.

So our challenge was to bring an expensive product that relies on hand-feel to the web.

We began with some initial keyword research to see how much potential they had to be found in internet searches. It turns out, there was already a decent amount of search volume for their brand name, and they were already ranking at #1 for it. Unfortunately, their website was informational only, and not set up for conversions.

There was also quite a bit more search volume for more general terms related to professional shears that we knew they could capitalize on. But we knew we could reach a much larger group of stylists who weren’t actively looking for shears online — we could reach them through targeted Facebook ads.

During discovery, we identified Kasho’s top 2 customer segments. With our newfound understanding of why they buy Kasho shears, and what it takes to convince them, we knew we had to somehow replace the experience of physically holding the shears. We knew a well-made video showcasing stylists picking up and using the shears for the first time would be the next best thing to actually using them themselves.

In addition to the using the video throughout the website, we created highly targeted Facebook video ads, which each lead to a landing page for one of their identified target customer segments.

Given the high price-point, we knew we would get a higher conversion rate if we were to allow their customers to break the price into lower monthly payments. After looking into all available options, we recommended simply allowing PayPal Credit as a payment method. Using this, all risk is taken on by PayPal, and our client would never run into non-payment issues.

And this being an ecommerce website, we strategized the most efficient checkout process possible, ensuring a streamlined checkout, resulting in significantly fewer abandoned cart issues.

So by knowing where we could find their target customers, and how they needed to be persuaded to buy, we were able to successfully allow Kasho to sell their premium products through their website, to a much larger audience, all without having to go through their network of distributors — enabling them to keep a much larger percentage of their overall sales.

online course web design

Character Mapping

Character Mapping is a new twist on the traditional acting class.

Our client, Mariel is a working psychotherapist who developed a brand new system which uses psychology principles to help actors, writers, and directors develop more fleshed out characters. She came to us wanting a brand new website which would not only help sell her online course, but host it as well.

Our work went well beyond just designing a few landing pages to sell the course, and a fully-functioning e-course platform. We also helped her develop the entire funnel which would find new cold traffic through highly targeted Facebook and Youtube ads, and entice them too attend her free webinar.

The webinar was carefully scripted by our in-house copywriter to generate sales of her paid course.

By developing this funnel, Mariel is now able to pinpoint her exact target audience, and move them through every single phase — from Facebook ad to sale — 100% on autopilot.

She is currently working on her next course :)

accounting firm web design

Rudder Services

Rudder Services is a new startup accounting firm dedicated to local small business. Wanting to break into the market as quickly as possible, we were able to identify their best course of action — a landing page strategy based on real search terms they could realistically rank in Google for in a relatively short amount of time.

We took care of the copy and messaging on all of these important pages, writing to be both persuasive to the potential customer, and to be found in search as well.

We integrated an auto scheduler, allowing them to seamlessly book consultations with potential customers, while pre-qualifying them in the process.

In addition, we helped our client develop a robust lead magnet which would help build his email list, and allow him to stay in front of his target market for as long as it would take for them to decide on their CPA.

e-commerce web design chicago


The Deep End first partnered with smartphone giant HTC in the summer of 2014. Many changes were needed across their vast web presence, and we were up for the challenge.

Among the projects we worked on, one of the most notable was the complete revamp of their accessories e-commerce experience. Prior to that, HTC didn’t really put much of a premium on selling their own products on their website, rather they relied on third party retailers, such as Best Buy and Amazon to carry them. Realizing money was being left on the table by not bringing at least a potion of that in-house, our task was clear: to come up with a seamless sales flow that would not only allow customers to browse and buy on the HTC website, but that would encourage them to do so.

Adopting a mobile-first approach (these are accessories for phones, after all,) we researched, wireframed, tested, designed, and tested again. In the end, our solution resulted in a serious uptick in revenue from the sales of HTC accessories.

Other than that particular project, we worked on product detail landing pages, including email opt-ins, landing pages for some of their non-smartphone products, email campaigns, support pages, as well as various iterations of the homepage.

Deliverables: wireframes, final files in Photoshop format

berrycart app web design chicago

BerryCart App

BerryCart is a startup app that came to us with a simple mission: a clean, striking design for its website. They had a development team ready to turn our visual designs and user experience into a fully-functioning site.


Deliverables: user flow, wireframes, final design files in Photoshop format

wine web design

Northwest Wines

It’s a little-known fact that the Northwest region is home to some of the best wine in the U.S. Our client, Northwest Wines preferred that little fact not to be such a closely guarded secret.

As a major distributor of wines from that region (as well as Germany,) they wanted to reach as many re-sellers in the region as possible. While it wasn’t their goal to actually sell products on their site, they wanted it as a sort of billboard that they could point their current clients to, in order to educate them about what they offer.

While that can be beneficial, we introduced the idea of using the homepage as a lead-capture landing page, offering a free e-guide “Wines of the Northwest” as the bait. This enabled our client to build their email list, which in turn allowed them to actually educate more potential resellers, contributing to more sales. Building an email list also allows for a more targeted Facebook ad campaign, resulting in an even more dramatic increase.

eyewear web design chicago

Occhi Eyewear

The Deep End was asked to provide user experience and design support to web development firm Awesome Giant for their client Occhi Eyewear.

They were looking to build an online presence, including an e-commerce solution which would allow customers to pick styles they liked in order to try them on at home.

internet series web design

East Los High (Hulu original series)

When we were asked to create a free-standing website for the Hulu original series East Los High, we couldn’t wait to get to work.

They needed not only a secondary platform for hardcore fans to watch the show, but also to interact, and get more information on topics brought up contextually within the episodes. In many ways, the site had to act as an educational platform for their viewers, and the challenge was to make it all as entertaining as we could.

In addition to video players, we designed and built photo galleries, a blog to cover many different categories, including featured music artists, as well as several vlog series.

We were also able to design and implement a sister site, called The Siren, which is an “in-world” fictional blog site, mimicking the fictitious East Los High School’s online newspaper.