ski resort website design

Crystal Mountain

We partnered with web development company Curvine to handle the redesign of ski resort Crystal Mountain. Curvine had the resources to ultimately build the site out, but they needed an overarching concept and “look & feel” in order to get started.

Crystal Mountain knew they wanted a large hero area where they could highlight any promotions that they had going on, as well as a widget that would display all of the relvant stats that visitors would want to see before driving out, such as temperature, snowfall, and weather conditions.

We also had to highlight some of their more major attractions, as well as integrate with their social media platforms.

Additionally, we had to think of their off-season attractions, and how that would integrate with the overall look of their winter site. We ended up going with a similar treatment, but had to account for different types of information that would populate the widget.

Deliverables: Final files for 2 homepage versions in Photoshop format

law office logo design


This is the new logo for Orange County divorce attorneys Hendrickson Cooper Hughes, (formerly Hendrickson & Associates.) They were undergoing a name change to reflect their new partners, but they wanted to keep their existing color scheme to make the transition as seamless as possible.

The logo mark appears to be a capital “H”, but a “C” can be spotted in the negative space, suggesting HCH, their new initials.