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Today we’re gonna be talking about one of my favorite methods for almost instantly raising your Google rankings for your website. As much as I’d like to take credit for this method, I can’t,  it was introduced to me a few years ago by Andy Crestodina, but as we know when it comes to Google, things change, including the tools and the overall algorithms that are used.

So basically this video is more or less an update of what he taught me to do several years ago, using a different tool, but overall the concept is the same. So basically what we’re doing is we’re identifying pages on your website that almost rank. We’re going to identify those pages and make a few really simple tweaks to them to push them onto the top page, possibly the top positions within a Google search. So if you’re ready to go, we’re going to jump right on over to the computer.

So here we are on the Google Search Console. The old way to do this that I talked about, used Google Analytics. The, the problem with Google Analytics now is that they don’t report most of the key words that people find you for. So now you, Google wants you to go to Search Console for that.

So the thing is you have to be set up on Search Console to be able to use this method. So if you’re not already, go ahead and get set up on it. There’s many videos on Youtube, that’ll teach you how to set it up. So go set it up. And then unfortunately, you’re probably going to have to wait a few weeks to a month to get enough data to really get going with this.

But if you are already on Search Console, let’s get started. So from the dashboard you’re just going to go over to on the left hand side where it says search traffic, and then search Analytics. So click that. And then we’re going to make a few changes. Here’s all we’re going to do is click on impressions and position to load up a little bit more information. And then we’re just going to go down down the page here.

So basically it is now showing us all of the keyword phrases that we rank for. So what we want to do is if we want to, um, we want to put these in order of position, so just go ahead and click position once and that way it’s going to load it from the all the words you rank first for all the way down through the lowest ranking ones. So it puts them in a nice order so we can see what we’re up against. So remember how I said what we want to do here is find those keyword phrases that we almost rank well for now, how I would identify that would be anything between the fifth position and the 20th position because anything after the fifth position really gets very little attention. And then anything between 10 and 20 is going to be considered to be on the second page of Google.

So if you can get from the second page to the first page, that’s going to be a pretty big win. And if you can get from the number five to 10 positions to the one through four positions, that’s also going to be a really big win for you. So let’s go ahead and scroll down the page and I’m going to go ahead and load it to show 500 rows just to show everything at once. And they’re all going in order here. So I’m going to look at everything starting from five onward. So basically what I want you to do is look at all the search terms and find ones that you’re going to want to prioritize by importance for your business. So in other words, which of these keywords shows some actual buyer intent? See for me a lot of these aren’t super relevant and I wouldn’t really want to pursue them because they’re old blog posts that were just made for graphic designers so they wouldn’t really do me much good and getting new clients out of it.

So I’m going to ignore most of you is and I’ve identified one that I’m actually going to concentrate on today. So let me go find that. And here we go. Here it is, web consulting. So as you can see, my average position is seven point nine. So let’s just call it. I’m normally in the eight position for that and this number, this 860 refers to the number of times my listing was showed to somebody. And then we’ve got 11 times that it was actually clicked on. So you’re going to want to do is definitely find the words that are that show the most buyer intent that would be beneficial for you to rank for. And you’re also going to weigh that against the the number of impressions. So if, if one were really strong and it was going to do a lot of good for your business, but only one or two people ever saw it, that that kind of tells you that there’s not a whole lot searches for those keywords.

So the fact that it’s a great keywords for my business and it has 860 impressions tells me that if I were to rank a little higher for this, I could probably get a lot more clients. So once you’ve picked out a search term that you want to try to improve, or maybe you have a couple years going to click this little arrow over here on the right and then you’re just going to come right up here and click on pages that tells you so now we already know what the search terms that you are ranking for our, but now this is going to tell you which specific pages those are. Because think about it, if you have a bunch of search terms, those are all going right to your homepage, right? They’re going to. Some might be going to your homepage, so might be going to service pages, some might be going to blog posts.

So now I’ve identified that this page, the deep end design.com/web consulting, Internet marketing is the page that I need to make my changes to. Okay, so once you’ve identified the page that you want to edit and the actual keyword phrase you want to rank for, you’re going to go to that page. So this is basically the dashboard of my wordpress website. So here we are in my wordpress dashboard. So this is the behind the scenes of this page. So here we have the title, and here we have some of the content, the written content on the page. So we’re going to take a look at a few things to see where we can improve to rank a little higher for that keyword phrase. And remember the phrase we’re going for is web consulting. So right off the bat I see I see a few things.

So we have the title which says Website Consulting. So what if I were to just delete the website and now it’s a web consulting that works and we also have right here we have the website address, the website url, which is website consulting, Internet marketing. We can change this if we wanted to, we could change it to web consulting and leave it at that. However, I’m going to caution you on that. If you’re gonna change the url. You need to make sure that you don’t have a lot of links that are pointing to this page because if you do and they’re helping you rank and then you change the url, suddenly that link is broken and you’re no longer getting the benefit of those backlinks. So make sure before you do that that you won’t be screwing anything else up. And Yeah, you can always do three or one redirects, um, which is sounds a little complicated.

It’s really not, but we’re not going to get into all that right now. We’re just kind of doing a few quick, simple winds here. So let’s just go ahead and click okay. And now we’re going to look at the, some of the text on the page. So let’s look for opportunities where we can work that keyword web consulting in a few times. Okay. And I found one right here. So it says the deep end is a full service website consulting. Again, we can just delete that. So it’s web consulting. What we’re doing, what we’re trying to do is just add a few instances of the keyword so the Google really knows what it’s about. So once you’ve got that in there a few times, um, and you don’t have to keyword stuff, I want to caution you against that as well. So there should be maybe a few instances where it says website consulting or web consultant.

Google really has gotten much better in the past few years of understanding overall topics of a page. So it’s not super necessary that we, , make it exact keywords every time. So I’m just going to do it a few times and we’ll get on with the next thing that we want to look at, which is if we go down the page, this is the webpage is Meta title and Meta description. This is what shows in the search engine results and in case you’re wondering, I am using a plug in here called Yoast Seo. I highly recommend that it makes it very easy edit all this stuff on the fly and I’ll show you how it works right now. So we’re just going to click on edit snippet. So I’m just going to change that again to web consulting and then in the description. Let’s see what we can improve here to struggling to attract customers with the deep ends website consultant that tells me, I think I was going for that term at one point.

I’m going to go ahead and change it or think it’s going to sound better with, with the deep ends of web consulting. So we’ve got one more instance of it there. And that’s it. I’m just going to go right on up and I’m going to click update to save the changes. It should be no more than a week before Google re-indexes is the page and hopefully we’ll see a nice little boost in rankings because of it.

All right, so that is my favorite method of improving your Google rankings in a really short period of time. Um, but I want to hear from you. Now, I want to know if you do end up using this method, and I want to know your results. So post your before ranking in the comments below, as well as your after ranking. It usually it takes about a week to really see those results. But go ahead and post it in the comments so when you have it, or if you have any questions about any of this, just leave those in the comment section below as well, and I’ll get to all of them.

Thanks for watching!

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