How to Remove a Fake Negative Google Review

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Five star reviews can bring in a lot of business, but sometimes a negative one creeps in and as frustrating as it is, some of those negative reviews are actually fake. But not to worry. I’m going to show you how to remove a fake Google review.

Hey guys. Wes McDowell here from The Deep End and if you watched my last video about how to get a lot of five star Google reviews, you know, how important they can be for your business. They can help you be found online and they say a lot about your credibility, but even the best businesses will get a negative review from time to time sometimes from actual customers who weren’t happy with the experience they had sometimes from a disgruntled former employee, which I’ve seen happen quite often. And sometimes there are completely fake review left by a competitor or even worse, just an online troll. And that’s really frustrating when you’ve worked so hard to build up those good reviews. I actually have a review like that, , that I’ve had for about a year now. And it never bothered me too much since it just looked so blatantly fake, but I think it’s time for it to come down and I’ll show you the whole process step by step.

So hopefully it’s something we do here. Works. Okay. So here’s that review a nice little one star review a year ago and it says lol displaces a joke for the deep web, which is just not even much of a comment at all. So anyway, I, you can see why I would want to get this off. It’s basically dragging down my. Otherwise, you know, I’ve got five stars across the board other than this one. So, , the first thing you’re going to want to do is respond to it, which I’ve done here. Basically disavowing yourself of the review, just kind of calling it out as fake but in a professional way. So I say while our actual clients are always pleased with the work we do, sometimes a fake review gets into the mix. We have never worked with her, corresponded with this reviewer and Google has been notified of the issue which they have.

I did a flag this out when I first got it, and then again about a week ago, , didn’t really work out, but it might be a good first step. So I’m gonna show you how to do that. So you’re just gonna there’s gonna be a little flag that pops up next to the review. Go ahead and click that. And then you’re going to want to enter in your email address and click the violation type that most closely resembles what you’re going for. I’m in my case, I just said off topic because basically it doesn’t, , doesn’t even contain much over you review if you ever reviewed that, contains any kind of, , you know, hate speech or profanity, you can definitely click, , the first one here and that might actually get it taken care of for you. But I did off topic and then click submit.

I’m not going to do it because I’ve already done it twice now. I’ve not actually heard back from them. So it looks like it’s time to get a little more aggressive and reach out to them in a different way. So someone told me that a really good second step after flagging of fake reviews to actually reach out to them on their twitter profile. So go to my business and then we are going to want to do is click the message button to reach out directly. So let’s, type in a message here. So I wrote hi there, I got a fake review and my business listing a well back from somebody who I have never had any actual contact with. The review is also pretty off topic. Is there something I can do to get it taken down? Thanks. So the other thing I think I’m going to want to make sure I do is add in all of my, , pertinent business information so that they can track it down. So I’ve done that and now we wait to see what happens.

Okay. So it has been about 48 hours now. , and I’ve heard nothing back from Google my business on twitter. So that was a bust. , so what I did next was I call, I found a phone number. , I called phone support. And what happened was basically, , I spoke to the operator who picked up and I had to explain the situation, I had to say that it’s off to off topic. , nothing was really said about the business and I have never even spoken to this person before, so since there was no, you know, inherent hate speech or anything that would really flag it automatically, , he had to elevate it to his superiors. So I kept being placed on hold and him coming back. Ultimately what happened is he said that like a, a higher team is going to have to manually review it over the weekend. So hopefully there’s going to be some kind of resolution to all this and I will be right back to, you know, what happened.

Okay. So if you do later, it’s not Tuesday and happy to report that that review is now gone. So it looks like calling a did the trick. So, you know, what I would recommend is skipped the twitter. The twitter step didn’t seem to really work very well. No one really even answered. , and I think there’s a few other options like live chat or email, but I would just definitely recommend phone because you can talk it out in real time. It can get elevated, the right people, you can kind of make your case. , that’s what worked for me. So a few things to remember here. You’re not going to be able to get every fake review taken off. I think the more realistic it looks, the harder time are going to have. I think what worked for me is based on the fact that it was quite obviously fake and had nothing to say.

I think if you were dealing with, they’re really vindictive person who, , went out of their way to make it look real. You might have a harder time.If it’s obviously fake or , if it has any kind of hate speech or any kind of upset at ease. The other thing that you guys said is if, if they go off topic in a way where they start talking about you or your employee, anyone in related to the company personally, if they go off topic of the business and start making it personal, that’s another way they can go get it taken off. So that’s what I learned on this journey. So, , if you want more videos like this, just click the subscribe button over here, or if you want to see how we can get you more five star Google reviews, just click the link below in the description and you can see what we can offer you there. Once again I’m Wes McDowell for The Deep End, see you next time.

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