Use RightSignature to Get Your Graphic Design Contract Signed Online

Use RightSignature to Get Your Graphic Design Contract Signed Online

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Part 4: Get Your Contract Signed Online Using RightSignature

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Welcome to the fourth and final video in my series about graphic design proposals and contracts. So far, we have covered a lot of information on these topics, and I have even shown you a great way of writing and sending your proposal electronically using BidSketch.

In this video, we will build on what we have already learned and do the same for your contract. But a contract has to be signed by you and your client, right? Yes, and that can be done online as well. The trick is that we have to use another online application called RightSignature in conjunction with BidSketch. This easy last step allows you to email the contract to your client, and all they have to do is simply “sign” on the dotted line with their mouse.

This method is every bit as legally binding as if they signed by hand, (you can read documentation on that here) and once its signed, you can print out a pdf of the document (signature and all!) for your records. Another benefit of doing it this way is that it makes it easy on your client as well. And one thing I’ve learned is that the easier you make it for your client to sign the contract, the better the chances that they will actually do it.

Now that we are finished with this series on graphic design proposals and contracts, do you have any tips or tricks about how you handle them?

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electronic signature

February 25, 2012

This is helping freelancers and their clients in signing contracts which is helpful to both parties.


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