Video 4: Choosing the Right Lead Magnet to Grow Your List

Having a robust email list is still the most powerful way of staying top of mind with your prospects throughout the buyer’s journey. I’ll show you the most effective ways to get those emails.

No matter where social media goes, you can only count on one thing — that it’s gonna change. Facebook’s algorithm limits your reach, Instagram may go through yet another update, but your email list? You OWN that list, baby.

So one very important way of guaranteeing a high return on investment for your website involves being able to keep in front of your prospects as they go through the buyer’s journey. And email is still the gold standard, despite maybe not being the sexiest shiny new thing.

So now that we know why building a list is so important, I wanna show you some of my favorite lead magnet ideas you can offer prospects in exchange for their name and email address. Every single one offers real value, and that value is what will make people opt in.

I’ll let you know when each might make sense for your unique goals, and exactly what’s involved in creating them. Ready?

Before tomorrow, I’d like for you to decide which of these lead magnet ideas makes the most sense for your business, so you can get started.

And in tomorrow’s video (which happens to be our last one,) we can finally talk design. More to the point, I’m gonna share how to make your site look gorgeous and how to use a few designer trade secrets to move prospects through your site to the finish line — getting the lead or making the sale.

But do you want to know the #1 reason why a customer-generation website should have a prominent place in your sales and marketing strategy?

Then be sure to read tomorrow’s email! It’ll be titled “[ROI VIDEO 5] Designer Secrets to Maximize ROI.”

Until then,


P.S. I’ve got something special for you tomorrow, but it’s super time-sensitive. I wanted to let you know in advance so you don’t miss it.

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