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Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 (That Will Actually Grow Your Business)

Video Transcript:

What did your marketing trends will help your business grow most in 2019? I’ve got the list and we’re starting right now.

How will digital marketing help your business grow in 2019? I want to tell you all about what’s working for businesses like yours right now and how to get more customers so you can build the business you want.

So first up, I’m going to start with something very controversial and that is the decline of Facebook ads and the rise of Youtube ads. Now, am I saying that Facebook ads are going away anytime soon? Absolutely not, but I am saying is they’re getting more and more expensive and it’s getting harder for smaller businesses to compete, so a lot of these small businesses are going toward Youtube, which is a great opportunity because it actually gives you a better chance of your ad being both seen and heard because most Facebook ads start with the sound turned off and most people will never turn that sound on and within Youtube, if you can get people to pay attention within that first five seconds where they can’t skip, they’re much more likely to watch much more of your ad than they would on Facebook because think about a.

people are on Youtube to watch videos and people are on Facebook more to just kind of mindlessly scroll past their feeds. I’ve gotten people to watch a four minute video for about two cents a view and the cool thing about how Youtube charges for your ads is if they watch anything less than 30 seconds so you’re not charged at all on Facebook. However, you’re likely to pay much more. Their ads are just more expensive and the way they count the view is if they watch it for three seconds and not only that, but thanks. That whole Cambridge analytica mess that happened earlier this year. They’ve taken away a lot of the more powerful targeting options that we used to be able to use to get in front of our clients. But Youtube ads actually come with one really cool targeting feature. You know, Google owns Youtube so you can actually target people who have been actively researching things related to what you offer.

And for anyone out there who thinks that sounds creepy in any way, I just want to make it clear that in the case of Facebook or Youtube and they’re not actually giving you the information of these people that are doing these searches. All they’re doing is putting your ad in front of people who they know fit that criteria. And with Youtube ads you can still target things like age, gender, geography, you know, state, city, even zip codes. And if you want to know more about how much you can expect to pay for Youtube advertising and all the cool targeting options you have, I did a video about this and you can get that right here. All right, next up, we have content clusters. So if you want your website to do better on Google searches in 2019, this is a trend you’ll definitely want to start exploring.

So Google has been moving further and further toward rewarding sites that they think covers a particular topic the best. So create a cluster of pages that talk about different specific areas around your niche and link them all to each other. I’ll explain that. So what does the overall topic, your brand is all about a construction Italian food. Now imagine you have a really strong pillar piece of content all about that topic. It could be your home page if it’s really in depth, or it could be a really comprehensive article about your overall topic. That’s your pillar content. Now imagine you have multiple cluster pages to go into specific details on different aspects surrounding that topic. If you’re a construction company, maybe you have one about bathroom remodels, maybe you have one about kitchen remodels. You’d get as many of those cluster pages as possible and they would all link back to your pillar page and your pillar page would link back out to the clusters.

This way, when one page performs well, the entire cluster system gets a boost as well. Topic clusters basically signal to google that you’re a true expert in your topic and you’re much more likely to get a top spot because of it. All right. Next, we have messaged simplification, so I want you to think about your website and any marketing efforts you’ve you’re currently doing are these three things immediately clear when people see it, what you offer, how it helps your customers, and what they have to do to take the next step forward. Having a simple message has always worked best, but it’s becoming a much more emerging trend because businesses are becoming much more savvy to that fact, and small businesses are finally finding all that information online, exactly how to distill all that information down to the most important parts. So if your website is it confusing warehouse of information or it goes into all these details about how you founded your company in 1850, you’re definitely gonna need to refocus that messaging down on exactly what matters and only what your customers need to know in order to make a decision and take that next step once they start hearing or reading any kind of information that doesn’t help them with the problem that experiencing right now and how you can help them.

You’ve already lost them and I’ve actually made a video about easy website copy tweaks you can make to really connect with your customers and you can get that right up here. Okay. Our next trend is live chat and chat bots, so this has been on the rise for the past few years, but it’s on this list because most small businesses are just now starting to take advantage of this trend. Thanks to so many free and affordable plans available online. Now. These bots can do anything ranging from answering Faq to scheduling appointments to making recommendations, but for most small businesses out there, the best use of a chat bot is this. Simply use the chat bot to greet visitors and ask them how you can help. You can either build in preprogrammed responses to those frequently asked questions or you can direct people to different areas of the site based on what they ask, or what I would recommend is having a real human member of your team take over the conversation, so basically you’re using automation to get that ball rolling, but then you’re giving the human touch to anyone who actually asks a question.

They’ll appreciate the authenticity and they’re much more likely to engage with you and your business using a chat feature than any other method, especially in those early research stages. For a really easy a tutorial on how to get one of these set up on your website for free. Go ahead and click this video right up here. Alright, moving right along. Our next trend is voice search, so I don’t know if you know this, but 20 percent of all mobile searches are done using people’s voices and with more and more people getting used to that technology and especially with all those new smart speakers we have like Alexa or Google home. That number is only rising every year, but I bet your competition is not taking advantage of this yet, so I really think 2019 is your year to get in front of the ball and really dominate in those voice searches.

This can be for people who are actively ready to buy Sirius show dentists near me or for more content based question that you can use to get more customers. For instance, if you’re a plumber Alexa, how do I fix a leaky faucet? Then it shows them a video of you showing them how to fix it and a lot of them will probably to say, you know, screw it. This guy looks like he knows what he’s doing. I’m just going to hire him. So how do you optimize your site for voice search anyway? There’s a lot of things you can do. You can actually work things out as questions that people might ask maybe in an Faq section for instance. And then thirdly, the answer it or probably the best thing to do if you want to show up in those near me searches is really just make sure your Google, my business profile is filled out as completely incorrectly as possible.

That way Google knows exactly where you are and then if anyone is near you searching, you’re going to be the one that shows up for them. And if you want to know how to fill that out properly, the right way, the first time I’ve got a video on that, just click right up here to access that so you can get going pretty quickly. All right, but now I want to hear from you and I want to know which of these trends do you see as your biggest opportunity, uh, for digital marketing in 2019? I want to know all about it. So just go ahead and leave that or any questions you have in the comments below. I will read through everything and I’ll answer any questions I possibly can.

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Optimize Your Website With These 8 Proven Psychological triggers

Video Transcript:

If you want to know how to optimize your website, I’ve got eight psychological triggers that you can use on any website to get the results you’re after and we’re starting right now.

Psychological triggers have a huge impact on the purchasing decisions of your site visitors. That was as much as we like to believe that every person is different and we are, but human behavior is very well documented and it’s very easy to predict how people are going to act in certain situations.

You know, science tells us that certain triggers make us act in certain ways and feel certain things. Now this can go for actually selling things on your site or in the case of most of my clients, just getting them to take that next step, like schedule a consultation or fill out a form or even give you a call on the phone. So in this video I’m going to go over eight of my favorite little mind triggers that you can use on your site to make it much more persuasive and I’ll explain why you just so powerful and how you can actually use it on your own site. Okay? Right off the top we’ve got the foot in the door technique. So this is one that tells us that once people have taken a smaller action that doesn’t require them to give up too much, that are much more likely to follow that up with a bigger action.

Okay? So in other words, if you can get someone on your site to agree to give you their email address for something small, some kind of a downloadable content, you’re increasing the odds that they’ll follow that action up with something that actually requires a bit more of a commitment, like you know, scheduling and appointment, and how you can use this on your own website is actually a pretty easy so when someone has opted in for your Freebie, your pdf, or your video series, whatever’s free, a direct them to a thank you page which lets them know that that Freebie is on the way. Then you follow that up with a bigger call to action, like to schedule an appointment or to buy something. All right, next up, I want to talk about the truth effect. So this is the tendency human beings have that. The more and more we hear or read something, the more and more we actually believe it to be true.

So here’s what you do, decide on the most important messaging that your customers need to know, understand, or believe before they’re going to consider doing business with you. Then you’re simply going to want to repeat that messaging in various ways or on your website, so use it in headlines and lists in videos if you have those, and also you’re gonna want to choose customer testimonials that say the same thing as well. You know, if you think you’re saying the same thing too many times, probably say it once or twice more and you’re getting close. You know, on the deep ends website we mentioned over and over again, how important is strategy is to the success of a website. Before we did that, we would mention it maybe a couple times, but then we’d still get a lot of calls and emails of people just wanting a pretty website.

They weren’t really getting that part of it. Okay. Next up we have loss aversion or as I just like to call it, fear of missing out. You know, people are very afraid of losing out on something, in fact that are much more worried about losing something than they are happy when they get something. So to use this on your website, it all comes down to messaging. All you’re really gonna want to say, you just mentioned what people are going to be basically giving up if they don’t go with you, if they don’t act at all or if they go with a competitor. For instance, if you’re an accountant, you could easily talk about all the deductions you’ll be missing out on if you were to do your taxes yourself. You can also just make small copy tweaks like instead of saying something like start saving money, you could say stop wasting money, and another way businesses take advantage of this is just by mentioning the scarcity of what you have to offer.

So let’s say you’re a salon. You might want to mention something about how you know we only have 10 appointments slots left this week, but of course be ethical about this. I would never recommend false scarcity. People will pick up on that. So let’s all be ethical and only use scarcity when it’s true. Right? Next, we have the mirror effect, which basically says that people respond more to people who they feel like they have something in common. With this can mean they’ll respond more to you if they really get a sense that you know exactly what they’re going through or if they see the you’ve already helped others that are just like them. In other words, this can work out really well if they feel like they can see themselves in you or they can see themselves in your other customers or clients. So how do you use this one on your website?

Well, you’re going to definitely want to know your customer Avatar in advance. Know who your customers are, who your best customers are, so that you can use testimonials that are very similar to your best customers. Uh, the new people will see that you’ve helped people just like them and they’ll really relate to those testimonials. So you know, if, if your ideal customer is a woman in her fifties and you’re using a testimonial of a guy who’s 24, they’re not going to see themselves in that and it’s not going to relate in the same way. Another way to use this as in the copy on your website, you know, keep your ears open and listen to the words that your customers use when you talk to them and what you’re going to want to do is as much as you possibly can reuse those words in your copy, they’ll start to trust you more because they’re going to start to think, hey, they really understand who I am and what I need.

All right, next, we have the bandwagon effect. So, you know, human beings are very social creatures and we do tend to follow the herd and a lot of ways and we tend to change our opinions and our actions based on what we think other people are doing. And choosing for this reason. Whenever we’re weighing out multiple options, we always tend to choose the one that we think is the more popular choice. Okay, so how do you use this one? You’re basically going to want to say things on your site, like, you know, join hundreds of happy customers. Uh, something like that. Because what that does is it makes it look like you know, you are the safe and popular choice, the one that everybody chooses. And this is also we’re having a lot of five star reviews or great testimonials comes in because they can easily see that a lot of people have already chosen you.

And if you actually don’t have a lot of reviews or testimonials yet, there’s, there’s a paid plugin called proof. If you go to the website, use, you can find it. And what that is, is it’s basically a little plugin where you decide on the action that you want it to record. Let’s say it’s downloading something or schedule scheduling an appointment or even buying something. So what it does is whenever anyone perform that action, it records it and then it displays that to the next person on the site. So people can see, hey, I’m not the first one coming here and the first one making this choice, uh, this other person and this other person have already done it. So I’ll seeing that you’ve helped a lot of people can really make you seem like the safe choice. I want you to use that tactic in combination with this next one to really solidify you as a strong choice.

So this one is called the identifiable victim and it basically says that people tend to be able to empathize a bit more with a specific person as opposed to a more generalized group of people. So while it’s great to have large groups of people that everyone can see you’ve helped, it really helps to narrow it down to one or two that you’re going to really feature with either a case study or a testimonial with a photo. I actually recommend getting at least one video testimonial or a video case study so that people can start to see that you’ve helped the masses, but then they can really identify with one specific person. Okay. The next trigger I want to talk about is actually one that we want to avoid and I’ll tell you how, and that’s called analysis paralysis, which is basically a. whenever human beings are presented with too many options, our brains just tend to shut down and ended up choosing nothing and doing nothing, and people will always tell you they want as many options as possible.

But studies have shown time and time again that adjusts isn’t true and it ends up confusing people and they just end up doing nothing as a result. So how do you avoid this? It’s all about simplifying your website. You know, think of the rule of one. You’re definitely gonna want to write to one person, have one offer, one promise, one CTA and one clear path forward. And if your website is currently functioning is kind of an information warehouse that people can get lost in, I would challenge you to ask yourself what is important for people to make that decision to contact you or move forward with you. And if it’s not contributing to that, it’s probably just getting in the way and it’s probably distracting away from your real goal. Alright, next up we have the concept of anchoring, which basically says that the first piece of information we hear a becomes a standard to which we basically compare everything else we hear to that first piece, so if we hear one price first, every price we hear after that is either going to sound like a good deal or a bad deal in comparison.

So let’s say you’re a wedding reception venue and you have multiple rooms and the first one you tell people about is $10,000 and then you show them the other option, which is $4,000. Now that $40,000 may sound high in its own, but when you’ve started from $10,000 and then gone down to four, now suddenly that $4,000 price tag sounds much more reasonable. So how do you use this one? Will basically on your pricing page, you might want to start by listing out your most expensive option. They’ll see the higher price first. Then they’ll see the less expensive option, which is going to basically reduce their sticker shock. Now, depending on what you do, I might suggest that you develop a more high ticket offer for this very reason and it should be a real offer, something that just includes a lot more value than your normal core product offering, and of course a much higher price tag to match it.

Few people will probably ever take you up on it, but it makes your core offer look much more reasonable by comparison. Okay? Now it’s time to hear from you and I want to know which of these psychological triggers are you excited to put into practice on your own site. Let me know in the comments below. Of course, if you have any questions or comments about anything else, put it down there too and I’ll get to all of it and I’ll answer any questions I possibly can.

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WordPress SEO Secrets That Will Win You More Customers in 2019

Video Transcript:

If you want to make sure that your WordPress website is properly SEO-optimized, I’m going to give you all my best tips and we’re starting right now.

If you want some good free qualified traffic from Google to your website based on searches that your customers are already performing, you need to give some serious effort to SEO or search engine optimization, and for anyone who is kind of a Newbie and unfamiliar with SEO, there are two basic types.

One is offsite, which is basically building links from other websites back to your site, and then there’s onsite SEO, which is basically doing all that work on your site. That signals to google that, hey, this page is the best match for what people are actually looking for, and if you’re like most businesses, I’m willing to bet the. Your website is probably built on WordPress. So in this video I’m going to give you some really specific WordPress website tips to optimize your website in just a few steps as well as a few pro tips that most people don’t really talk about very much. That can help you do even better. And I’m telling you if you follow all these steps and do it right, you can probably increase your rankings by the end of the day. Before we jump in, just a few things to keep in mind. So when I talk about optimizing your site for search, what I’m really talking about are optimizing individual pages for individual search terms, not optimizing your entire site for just a set of keyword phrases.

And secondly, the first real step to getting this right is to have those keyword phrases already picked out and actually just put out a really comprehensive video about how to pick out your keyword phrases. And if you haven’t seen that yet, you can click right up here to access that video. So assuming you already have your keywords picked out or if you just want kind of a preliminary preview of the whole process, we’re going to go over to the computer where I’m going to give you an over the shoulder view of exactly how you can maximize your WordPress SEO with the help of just a few free plugins and some solid copywriting tips. So let’s get started. Okay, so this might look familiar. We are basically just logged into the dashboard of a WordPress site. This is a site for a brand new client. We just launched the site.

Uh, there’s very little content on it as of yet, so it’s a nice clean slate to, uh, to do this demonstration for. So there’s really several steps involved in a really SEO optimized page or post. And I’m going to walk you through basically all of my best tips here. So the first thing you’re going to want to do is we’re going to want to install an SEO plugin. That’s going to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you, and that’s called Yoast SEO Plugin. So go down to plugins on the left column and then go down to add new, and then you’re just going to go into where it says search and you’re going to type in the word Yoast like toast with a y, and the first 20 years of what you’re going to want to get, um, you can see it’s got over a million active installations.

It’s pretty much the gold standard for SEO plugins. So, uh, go ahead and just click on install. Now, once it’s installed, click on activate and once that’s activated and you’ll see this little icon for it right down here. So whenever you have to do anything for that plugin, that’s where you’ll find it. But for now, let’s go up to a post and a add a new post. So within WordPress you can basically think of any new piece of content you create is one of two things, either a page, which is, think of that as just a page on your website, a informational about a product, about a service. The about us page, the contact page, all those good things, and then a post which is basically think of that as an article or a video or just a piece of content that’s more information based. So that’s what we’re doing here.

We’re going to create a post that’s meant to be really strong in SEO so that we can be found for a certain keyword phrase back to the website. And since this is enacting related website, let’s go ahead and put in an acting related article. Now, let’s say we did our keyword research and we found the term best online acting classes and that’s the one we want to rank for. So assuming we have that article, we just want to fill in the title and then the texts for the actual article itself. Okay, so I’ve gone ahead and paste it in an article and this is just copied and pasted from the Internet. I’m not playing it actually publishing this and this is just for the purpose of this video. So basically we’ve got an article in here but we’re not quite done yet. You know, there’s a few things we’re gonna want to pay attention to to really get the most SEO power out of this article.

And the first is this title. So basically if this is the keyword phrase we’re wanting to rank for best online acting classes, that’s great, but this title, while it’s great from an SEO perspective, it’s not very exciting and it’s not very likely to actually get clicked on you’ve if someone were doing this search. So what I always like to do is take that keyword phrase and then add to it something a little more exciting and a little more a click baity. There’s a few ways to do this. You know, numbers are always great. You know, like a numbered list always works really well. Or do you want to bring out some kind of curiosity factor or use a power word. So here’s how I might rework this title to still keep the keyword phrase, but make it a little more exciting and clickworthy. Okay. So I’ve got the five best online acting classes, the stars whereby you know, we’ve got a the numbered list here and then we’ve got, you know, the another element that makes it seem a little more interesting, you know, if these are actually acting classes that your favorite stars actually taken in love, that makes it a little more exciting.

So I’m happy with this title, you know, it’s got good SEO and it also has that excitement factor. Now the next thing we’re going to want to look at is what’s called the permalink. So this is the actual url that people would click to get to this specific post. And the really important thing here is that it contains that keyword phrase that you’re trying to rank for. So in this case, we already have that data, did it for us automatically through that Yoast plugin. So we’ve got best online acting classes. You don’t need to add the extra elements to the url to shorter this is the better. So I’m really happy with it just the way it is, despite what some SEO experts say. And even when Google says having those keywords in the url really does still matter, it’s just one of the main indicators that tells Google, okay, that’s exactly what this page is about.

In fact, it’s so much about this. That is the actual name of the page. Okay, so the next thing we’re going to talk about is the copy of the article itself. So basically what you want to do is have a really nice long article with about 2000 words or more, um, and notice how this is all broken up into really short paragraphs, bolded text headlines, bullet lists whenever possible. That’s all the stuff that’s going to make people want to keep reading. And that’s really important because if you get people to your article or your page and people leave it right away, that’s a big signal to google that, hey, maybe this page isn’t so good and there are going to start ranking your, your page lower and lower in the rankings, which is the opposite of what you want. So you want it to be very easy to read, which means short paragraphs really broken up, really skimmable.

That’s the word I want you to remember skimmable, because most people skim a website rather than a read it. Actually, one thing I do want to mention here, notice how we’ve got this, this long long article here, which is great for SEO, but guess what? It’s missing. It’s missing images and studies have really shown that the pages and posts with images in them tend to rank a whole lot higher in searches. So what we’re going to want to do is probably break this up even more with the few good images and the way you do that is just put the cursor where you want to put the image and then go right up top to where it says add media, and then you’ll just go ahead and drag the image onto the screen. And then here’s what you want to do. Go downward, says all text.

You’re gonna. Want to use that keyword phrase that you want to rank for again, so in this case, it was best online acting classes. Now it’s important to remember if you were going to be inserting multiple images, which you should. You shouldn’t be just reusing that same keyword phrase over and over again. It seems a little spammy. So maybe on the next one you would just want to use a best acting classes or best acting Los Angeles, something like that. You’re gonna want to vary it up and used keywords that are closely related but not exactly the same. So I’ll just quickly change it back to best online acting classes and just click on insert into post. Okay, now we would want to do that a few more times and then we’re going to come back down to this Yoast area down here where it basically allows you to change the title and the description that people are going to see in the search engines when think about whenever you do a search, this is exactly what you see.

So it allows you to change, uh, this text and this text and obviously we want to change it to be something is clickable as possible. So let’s go back to here. So what we want to do here, we would definitely. So basically the way the WordPress theme works here is it automatically adds all this extra stuff to the end of the post, so we want to get rid of that. So an SEO title down here basically gives us all the different elements that it’s using, like site title we don’t want. So we’re just going to go ahead and delete that. A separator we don’t need. That’s I think, the little hyphen right there. Let’s get rid of that. Now we’re good. Now we’ve got title and page and that’s really all we need there. And then for meta-description, what he usually does is it’s just going to kind of pull in either the first sentence or the first, you know, however many characters from the article or am I find a little snippet from within the article that uses the exact keyword phrase that the person used to search.

We don’t want any of that. We want to really control what it says to make it seem as interesting as possible. And would I like to do here usually is give it a little bit of insight as to what exactly you’re going to learn from this article. You can either do that or if it’s not so much an article and just like a product page or a services page, talk about the main benefits of that service or product. Okay? So I just changed it to ever wonder how your favorite actors keep their acting skills sharp while working on set or away from home. These five acting classes are their go tos. Um, I think this is really good at playing on that curiosity factor. And it kind of goes into the promise of the article, which is to introduce the reader to these five online acting classes can.

Next we’re going to go down a little further to where it says focus key phrase. This is where you kind of do a little bit of a reality check and see how good this page really is at using that keyword phrase that you want to be found for. So let’s go ahead and click on that. And infocus key phrase, we’re going to type in the keyword phrase that we’re talking about, which is best online acting classes and it gives us a little happy face here, which is a good start. And then it gives you a few things you can change. So basically it gives you some problems. So in this, in this case, um, the key, the key phrase or synonyms did not appear in the first paragraph, so that’s something we could go back up and add to. And it also says the keyword keyphrase density is low.

Um, it was found three times. So it’s basically saying you might want to use it a few more times in the article and then it goes on to say I’m the key phrase is in the title, but it’s not at the beginning of the title. That’s something I might think about changing, but not in this case because I think if we were to put that right at the beginning, it would lose out a little bit of that excitement, clickability factor. Um, so I’m gonna I’m just gonna agree to disagree with this, uh, improvement they’re suggesting, I think it’s better the way it is and then it gives you all the stuff you did, right, you know, outbound links, internal links, length, all that good stuff. I’m not going to go through all of it, but basically all in all, it’s a pretty good score for this article.

So I’m just going to go all the way up to the top and I’m going to go ahead and click publish. Then maybe you have a bunch of posts or pages already written that you really want to improve those, uh, titles and descriptions like down here, maybe that’s some low hanging fruit you can use to really kind of up the game, the game on all of your other posts. So if you want to do that, there is actually a really easy way to do that kind of all at once rather than having to go in to each individual page to do it. And that involves just going over to the left column under SCO and going to tools and then going over to bulk editor. So what this allows you to do, so depending on what tab you’re on, it can be title or description, it allows you, it goes through all your pages and it allows you just to really quickly add a new, a SEO title to each page at once and then you can either click save to that individual one or you can click save all after you’ve gone through and made all the improvements you want.

And then you would go do the same thing and description. It allows you to type in a new Meta description and you can make that text box a little bit bigger. Um, and once you’re done, just click save all. Okay? But before we wrap this video up, I do want to show you one extra plugin. It’s also free. They can help you in another way. So one of the major things of SEO is actually having good internal linking within your website. And when you really do this right, let’s say you have a post about one topic and then it mentions the phrase, you know, best acting classes in that post. Ideally you would want that text to link to the article that we wrote. It’s all about best online acting classes, so the more you can do that within the content of your site and link from one page to another, the more you’re signaling to Google what each page is about and you’re likely to get much higher rankings to all of those pages, which in turn helps your whole site out.

So, um, there’s a really easy tool you can use to do this. So what we’re going to do is just go back down to plugins and add new and we’re going to do a search for mentionable. Okay, so that one comes right up. So basically it allows you to really easily do this internal linking. So I’m going to click on install now and then on activate. So once you’ve done that, let’s go ahead and make a new post. Let’s say we’re at creating a second post on that same site. So let’s just say this is a brand new article and then what we’ve got here is we’ve got a line that says the best online acting courses. So we might want to link to that, so let’s just type in the word related and then what we’ll do is we’ll do the at sign and just start typing in a keyword phrase and it’s going to come up with that.

And if there’s multiple, you know, this is a very small site at this point, so in on another site or on your site, there might be multiple articles to choose from and they would all come here. So let’s just go ahead and click that and it automatically posts a little link right there. So that’s just one more really easy way to improve the SEO on your WordPress site. Okay. So I know that was a lot to cover, but I hope you can start to see that with, you know, a little bit of research and creating some great content. You can really start to improve those search rankings in about a day. So to get started with this, I would say just pick out a few, um, over your more important pages or posts on your website and start applying these steps to them. And of course, with every new page or every new article you write, you’re going to want to apply all this in real time as you go, but now I want to hear from you, so if you’ve got something really useful out of this video, go ahead and give it a like.

And if you have any extra tips or questions or anything related to any of this, just leave it in the comment section below. I will look at everything and I’ll answer any questions that I possibly can.

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best wordpress themes for small business 2019

5 Best WordPress Themes for Small Business in 2019

Video Transcript:

If you want to know the five best WordPress themes for small businesses, we’re going over all of them and we’re starting right now.

Being a small business often means you don’t have a whole lot of money to drop on a new website, but it doesn’t change the fact that the right website can actually help your business out tremendously and it fill it with new customers and leads on a regular basis.

So what do you do when you can’t really go out and get a new website from scratch? The good news is there are a lot of really great premium WordPress themes that you can choose from. And once it’s customized, it’s really going to look like your brand, but any website, including one you get from a designer that’s from scratch or a WordPress theme, it’s only going to generate leads and customers for you. If it’s built on a proper sales funnel and a strategy that’s meant to get you more business, it’s still needs to provide, you know, compelling, persuasive content that’s meant to speak directly to your customers and what they need to hear before they’ll be interested in going with your company. And it needs to overcome all the objections that they’re likely to have. And it also needs to provide a clear path forward for not only the people who are ready to buy today, but for the ones who were just here researching.

So you need a way to keep in front of those people while they’re thinking things over. So I really can’t stress enough that the strategy is the first place to start. So you really know what content needs to go into the, into your WordPress theme. And then that tells you which theme is going to be the best one to support my strategy. But you don’t want to do is just pick a theme that you think looks great and then shoehorn content into it and actually have a free resource for you. If you click right up here, you can access my free mini course, how to guarantee website Roi. It’s going to go over the five most important things that you didn’t need to nail down before you can think about picking the right word, press theme for Your Business, so, but we’re going to get into the list and I didn’t just pick these themes based on how good they look because it looks are only going to get you so far and trust me, it’s really easy to get dazzled by the look of some of these themes because of the great images they choose.

But the truth is you’re probably not going to be using those images in the finished product, so please try to look past all the really great looking imagery when you’re choosing your theme. I basically chose these five themes based on their ability to adapt to any strategy and convert at a really high rate. Things have really kept in mind when choosing this list are adaptable layouts built in lead capture areas so that you can build your customer list, a well designed testimonial sections, the ability to easily add videos which are really important to conversions and not overly image based. You know, you need lots of sections for well-written sales copy and last but not least speed, you know, it really, it’s really important that these sites load quickly, particularly on mobile. So let’s get into the five WordPress themes that I think are really great for most small businesses.

So let’s get her over to the computer. Okay. And starting right off the bat, we have the pillar theme and they call themselves a multipurpose WordPress theme for modern startups. And I can certainly see why. So right off the bat, they’ve got 110 ready to use demo pages that you can use right out of the box. And what’s even cooler is they have 160 different sections. So you can basically think of as building blocks. So these 160 sections you can mix and match them together to create the perfect page that’s really going to serve your content in the right way and they’ve got all these different homepage demos you can choose from. I’m going to go ahead and choose to walk you through this one for it’s called startup too and I feel like this demo is actually pretty perfect right out of the box for many reasons.

So right off the bat you’ve got this awesome hero area with space for a great headline and the sub headline that adds a little bit more context to it as well as a CTA button right there, which is pretty great. And then going down the page, we’ve got an area right here for a video and a little bit of text like this is how I design a lot of my own websites for clients of videos. Just a really great way to get a lot of ideas across in a small amount of space and a small amount of time because most people would rather watch a video than read some text. So I love the fact that they’ve got this video player right here and then you scroll down and we’ve got this cool little area for your unique selling propositions, which I also designed a lot of sites in this way.

We’re basically, you call out the top three benefits that your clients or customers can expect when they work with you and you’ll notice as you go down the page you just see lots of different sections, lots of different areas which keeps. Keeps things very visually interesting, which is going to make people go further down the page and see way more of your content and more of your message. And right here we’ve got an out of the box testimonial section, which I think is actually pretty perfect as is if you have watched any of my other videos about testimonials. You know how much. I really think that having a photo of the testimonial subject is key to making it seem more relatable and believable. And this is just a really nice design treatment that I wouldn’t mess with too much. And then it’d be go down and we have a lead capture form, which is amazing.

Not that I wouldn’t tweak this a little bit, it’s a little sign up for our newsletter every like I wouldn’t recommend going that route. I would definitely make it more of a lead magnet so that you sign up, but then you get something in return like a video series or a downloadable pdf or enter into a challenge of some kind. But the point is this section is here and just ready for you to customize with all that great content. So the pillar theme is $59 on the auto market marketplace. So as you can see, like you’ve got some really great solutions right out of the box that you don’t have to mess with too much for under 60 bucks. It’s just a matter of finding the right demo to start with or the right content blocks you want to put in the right order. And then of course putting in your own images in your own text and you’re good to go.

Okay. Now number two on our list is launched kit. Now what I love about launch kid who was actually built with marketing and high conversions in mind, you know, you’ll see a lot of these WordPress themes that are purely built on a very visual level that are very visually engaging and very multimedia and look really amazing, but they are definitely not built with conversions in mind. The launch kit kind of turned all that on its ear and that is really where this one shines. You know, they’ve got all these really well thought out pre made content blocks that you can just edit and fully customized as you go and see off the bat. They’ve got all these demos you can choose from and I think I want to look more closely at the multipurpose theme just because I actually really liked the way this one is laid out.

So let’s go ahead and look at that demo. Okay. Again, we have a really strong hero area. I feel like it’s a little cluttered, but that can easily be customized. But the main point is we have a great space for a headline and that sub headline, which you know I think is a great way to structure the top of your webpage and what I think is really cool about this and you can choose to take it out or keep it, but I liked it, the fact that there’s this little video player right here, which allows people to get a better sense of what it is you offer and it really will let people get to know you if you choose to go on camera yourself. And it also has the lead magnet. You know, people can sign up for whatever it is you’re offering in exchange for an email address.

I feel like I would probably take this out from this section. I probably wouldn’t keep it right there because there’s just no context for what exactly they’re getting. B, you’ll notice as you scroll down, what we have is a sticky header up here that stays in place as you scroll with the little CTA button right up in the right hand corner, which is exactly where it should always be. And of course you can customize the colors as well and there’s lots of good areas for text which just lets you put your message out in front of people so they know exactly what they’re going to get when they buy from you or work with you. And here we have another really cool usp area, you know, your unique selling proposition. So remember, I always recommend putting your top three benefits that people can, can expect.

And in this case, you know, in the last version it was icons here, it’s photos and that’s really up to you and your brand, how you’d rather handle that and going down the page, you know, we’ve got all these different areas and some cool animations are happening when you go down. But basically it allows you to call out different elements of your offering. So let’s say you know, you have these three USP is and then down here, maybe you want to talk about the first one at length, then the second one at length. And you don’t have to include a photo of an iphone. These are just placeholder images. This can be whatever you want it to be remote. Keep that in mind. The point is you’re telling that stories, you go down and then now we get to a really nice big cta area again, so you basically made the case for your company and why people should work with you and then at the end you come down and you get this nice cta button encouraging them to take action and then if you go down further, you know there’s more premade elements that are just part of this demo.

But remember there are many different demos and many different content blocks you can choose from. And now here, this is a really great little lead magnet area. Imagine if you were giving away a video series, you could really talk about that right over here and give the headline and a little bit of text about it and then all the people have to do is give their name and email address and then they can sign up for it. So again, I think this is just a really good theme that requires not too much a messing with it out of the box. I really think that it would be hard to go wrong in choosing this theme for your small business website, and this one’s also available on Envato marketplace for 59 bucks again, so again, under $60 and you have a really nice, easy to customize solution.

All right, next we have the Divi theme. So this is by far the number one most popular WordPress theme in the whole world right now. And they’ve got many new features that they’ve just rolled out. They been around for several years now, but they keep innovating and they keep improving on what it is that they offer and what makes the Divi theme different than the other ones we’ve talked about is it’s extremely customizable. You can basically lay out every single separate element going down the page and you’re really only limited by what you can imagine. So because of that, it’s a little more of a learning curve to get started with it. Um, so I should say with Devi, it’s not the fastest on our list, you know, because it comes with so many variables within it and there’s so many things you can customize that adds a little bit of weight to it.

However they have made significant improvements over the past year or so to load faster than it did before. It’s not super slow, but there’s definitely faster themes on this list. So the Divi theme is a little more expensive than the other ones on our list. Um, so it’s $89 for yearly access. I don’t think that necessarily means you have to keep paying $89 to keep your site up. I think with that refers to is more like the support and getting access to updates and all that kind of stuff. So if you want to keep it updated and keep the support going, you’re looking at about 90 bucks a year or a 2:49 for unlimited access for a lifetime. All right. And now we have another really robust option with a lot of room to really customize it. And that is called the gym. It was originally designed as the ultimate toolbox of design elements, styles and features, and it lets you build a really impressive high performing website super quickly without having any coding knowledge, which is exactly what you want.

Any WordPress theme, right? You know it in their own, in their own marketing materials. They call this the Swiss army knife of a WordPress themes and I can certainly see why it’s really packed with features. It really lends itself to a high level of customization. So it comes out of the box with, you know, 70 plus creative concepts for just about any type of business. I’m going down here. You can see the different kind of elements they’ve got going on. They’re all very different and varied. Um, and I would encourage you, you know, they come in all these different categories, but I would say don’t limit yourself to, you know, putting yourself into a box. You know, if you’re a, a, an accountant, there is no need to necessarily just go by the business ones. Maybe a creative concept would really fill the needs of your messaging very well.

You know, just I would just look through all of these one pro tip here, the way you want to go about this usually is to find the demo version that gets as close as possible to what you think you need and then start customizing it from there. But anyway, with this you’ve got, you know, unlimited combinations. You can build just about any kind of layout you can think of using all the design elements and building blocks basically. But even just on the business tab, as you can see, we’ve got all these different layouts to choose from. And like I said, don’t just choose the demo you want to go with based on how colorful it is, you know, like this one would draw the, I am more than this one would, but remember you’re probably going to be customizing it with Jordan images anyway. So the thing you really want to look out for more than anything is layout.

You’ve got all these different layouts to basically prioritize different elements. So find the one that comes the closest to what you’re looking for and then go from there. Some of these have some really cool animation effects as well with text and then as you scroll down the page, things just kind of come in from the side, which isn’t necessarily the most important thing in the world, but sometimes when it’s a matter of keeping people interested in wanting to scroll down the page to see more of what you have to say, little things like that can make a difference. And a lot of these themes out here come with that kind of functionality built in. So you know, they’ve got a lot of cool little built in features here for, you know, your unique selling propositions coming up that we talked about before, those little icons that kind of tell people why they should be working with you.

Lots of cool little ways of doing that here that are prebuilt in the animated very nicely. So keep that in mind as you go. And this theme is actually also really video capable. You know, we’ve got video headers here you can use and we’ve got lots of different options for video players. You know, a full width one, uh, one that Kinda just goes to one side with text on the side of it, and then a different version of that here, you know, it’s, it’s really easy just to customize again and get exactly what it is you’re going for. Now the gym is available also for $59. There’s kind of a theme here. Most of these tend to be right around 59 bucks, but again, with this one, you probably have a little bit more work to do than with pillar or launch kit. Those are a little more out of the box.

This one requires a little bit more thought and creativity, so keep that in mind, but the upside is it really can truly be anything you want it to be. Okay, next on our list is the consulting themes. So what makes this one different is a lot of research went into what business websites need, uh, and the result is this theme. They’ve really gotten everything together in one place that’s going to be the most impactful for a small business website. So this one’s got basically 30 demo layouts that it comes with. And again, each is very customizable though some of the other WordPress themes I said don’t get dazzled by how great they look and how great the images look. I’m going to say the opposite here. Uh, there was using quite a bit of, you know, kind of what I would consider to be lame stock photos for this theme just for the Demos.

Don’t be put off by that. Again, you can change it to anything you want it to be, but at the end of the day these layouts are really good for business. And that’s why I’m putting it on my list. So this one basically comes with 120 different content blocks so you can mix and match from again, so you can take one of these premade themes or you can just take this block and this block and this block and stack them in such a way that it really serves the content that you need for your site the best. So here’s just one demo. Soon as you go down the page, you can see it has all those different elements that we talked about. No USP is this calls it industries, but I would put the USP is right there, a little area for texts, which is great. Then another testimonial area, so this really has a lot of cool a built in functionality, a little place for to put logos of companies you’ve worked with which can be huge.

It’s social proof and then you know your latest blog posts which is cool. Keeps the content fresh. Oh, and here’s another. Here’s a cool area for a lead magnet. So this one probably requires a little bit of customization to really make it work for you, but they really do have a lot of cool layouts to start with. Just choose the one that gets you closest and customize from there. And Are you ready to be shocked? This one was also a $59, so basically almost every one on my list is $59 except for the Divi theme, which was $89. But these are all really great choices and I hope one of these really jumped out at you as the one that you want to work with. All right? So as you can see, there’s a lot of really appealing options out there that not only look great but are really going to do a good job of fulfilling that strategy.

That’s gonna get you more customers or leads for your business and you can either DIY this completely if you feel like you can take that on, or you can go to a Envato studio to find a really expert level WordPress customizer who couldn’t do a lot of the heavy lifting there for you. And those will generally run you. You know, a few hundred dollars as well. But either way, I want you to go ahead and get my free mini course right up here. How to guarantee website Roi. It’s a really great first step because without that, any website you build is really just going to sit there, not getting you any new customers, which is a huge missed opportunity. But now is the part where I want to hear from you and I want to know which of these themes do you like best and which one do you really see being a great fit for your business?

Or are there any others that you want to add to the list? Maybe you’re using one that you think is really great and other people would definitely like to know about that. So go ahead and leave it in the comment section below. I’ll see you in our next video.

keyword research 2019

Find Wildly Profitable SEO Keywords For Free

Video Transcript:

One of the best ways to get people to your website and into your business is through google searches, but you need to understand what people are actually searching for that intersects with what you can offer them.

And that’s where keyword research becomes really important. So in this video, I’m going to show you my exact method for finding those keyword phrases that get enough traffic to be worth it and are low enough competition to realistically be able to ever ranked for. Because trust me, the last thing you want to have happen is to spend hours of your time creating content that nobody is even looking for or that you have to spend thousands of dollars and years to actually get onto that first page of google if it ever gets there. Now before we get started, I want to kind of go over. There’s basically two kinds of keyword phrases that you can think about. The first one has buyer intent, so that’s basically them searching for exactly what you offer or what you sell. And the second is research intense. So this is where they’re basically looking for content that is related to your niche or what you offer.

No, of course, direct buyer intent is great because that means they’re actually looking for what you’re going to sell them, they find you, and then they become a customer, but it’s limiting because not everybody is going to be looking for those words. So we you want to do is focus on those direct buyer intent keyword phrases, plus creating valuable content that people can find you through, which leads to them trusting your advice or tips which then leads to more options and ultimately sales for your business. And I can actually use the deep end as a good example here because we offer a web consulting strategy and then conversion focused websites, uh, but not that many people are searching for those terms, but here’s the thing. Hundreds of thousands of people, uh, every month search for terms related to customer generation websites like how to increase traffic, how to increase conversions and even how to do keyword research.

And it’s true. A lot of those people will never actually end up hiring us, but a certain subset of the people that come for that kind of content, they come to trust the advice and the tips that we give them. And eventually they see the value of actually hiring us to do it for them. You know, think of it like the freemium model, which is basically you give away something valuable for free, but if you want something even more valuable, you have to pay for it. All right? But that’s enough background for now. Now we’re going to get tactical and I’m going to show you a free tool you can use to uncover the best keyword phrases that you should be trying to rank for, for your own website. So let’s go on over to the computer. Okay, so here’s the main tool we’re going to use.

It’s called kw There are paid plans, but the good news is, uh, on the free plan, you basically get five free searches every day, which, you know, if you’re a small business that’s probably fine, you know, just start small and then everyday maybe you can maybe come up with a few new ideas. So up until recently used to be much harder to do this, you’d have to go to several different websites or you’d have to have a really expensive subscription to really get this going. So I really like how easy kw finders made it to basically be a one stop shop for all this stuff you’re going to need to do to find your keywords. So the first step is you’re just going to go up to create a new account. So go ahead and do that and then we can get started. Okay.

So here we are kind of in the main dashboard area when you first sign in. Um, so the first step we want to do before we actually find keywords is you want to know basically how powerful your site is. Meaning how competitive are you allowed to be with these keyword terms. If you’re in a really authoritative site, you can go after, uh, the higher money keywords if you’re smaller or if you’re brand new, you want to know that as well so that you can really gauge your own website against the competition to know what you realistically have a chance of ranking for. So in order to do this, we’re going to go away from this tab here and we’re going to go to site profiler. So then in here you’re just going to enter in your website’s domain. I’m just going to use a current client of mine.

Okay. Then you’re going to go and click on analyze. Okay. So it gives you a bunch of scores here. So basically what we’re looking at is domain authority is a, is a score that the company mas came up with. It basically says how authoritative or how powerful is your entire site. You know, that’s the whole domain. So it’s given it a score out of 130 is actually pretty good. It sounds like a failing grade. But um, for a small business, 30 is actually really, really good. And page authority is also 30 and it’s basically the same thing except it talks about just this one web page, not the site itself. And citation flow is basically a score of how many links do you have to your site. Because with SCO it’s really important to have back links from other websites pointing at your site. It’s just a big signal to google that you’re such a good website in such a good resource that people want to link to you.

So citation flow talks about the quantity of links, whereas trust flow talks about the quality of those links and while we can talk about how good or bad or any of these scores are, what really matters is what the competition is you’re up against. So basically in the next step will be able to see exactly who was in that top 10 and what their scores are. So you have a good idea where you stack up in the middle in relation to them. Okay? So once you know these scores that go ahead and write those down. And then let’s go back up to kw Now with the site it really allows you to do is lets you start with certain keyword phrases that you think you want to be found for. You know, if you’re a personal trainer, you might want to be found for a personal trainer and then the name of your town.

If you’re an interior designer, it would be the same thing. It’d be interior design your town. So basically come to the table with a few ideas of what you think you want to be found for. And then what this allows you to do is allows you to put those in and then it gives you suggestions that you can filter through based on how many people are actually searching for those words and then how competitive those words are. So you’ll see what I mean in a second. For this example, let’s go ahead and put in Yoga studio. Naperville. Naperville is just a suburb here in Chicago. Um, so basically it allows you to do a few extra things as well. It allows you to determine where the search is going to be. You know, in a lot of cases people will isolate this to your own country.

I’m here, I’m not going to bother it because I doubt too many people out of the u s are looking for a yoga studio in Naperville, Illinois. Um, and you can also use whatever language you want or any language. English is the default is going to go ahead and keep that. Um, so click find key words and let’s see what they give us. Okay. So this is pretty good news. So basically the first thing you’re gonna look at is you’re gonna. Want to see this come competition score or seo difficulty score and they make it really visual for you because you may not know what the numbers mean, but they’ll tell you with the color coding and they’ll say it’s a pretty easy keyword term to rank for and they also show you, which is really handy. All of the people that are currently ranking and you know, one through 10.

This is your competition. You know, if you’re a yoga studio in Naperville, these are the guys you want to beat and it not only tells you who they are, but it gives you that domain authority score, the page authority score, you know, the citation flow, trust flow, all those things that we talked about as well as, you know, keyword finder there that their parent company mangles has developed basically a proprietary algorithm where they look at all this stuff and they basically came up with a link profile, strength score, uh, which they assigned to each one of these. So when you look at all the information, you get a good sense of what you’re up against. So you’d want to take your own score, the wrote down and really ask yourself, okay, can I realistically find myself in these results or do I need to keep looking for other keyword opportunities that might be a little easier for me, which brings us to the suggestions over here on the left.

So basically, um, there’s a lot of stuff that tells us, which is great. It tells us how many people in the designated area, which in this case is anywhere worldwide, um, who speak, how many people have, do this search every single month. And you know, for Yoga Studio, Naperville, it’s 90 people, which is not a whole lot. You might want to choose a different keyword that has more volume or you might want to add to it with different variations of this to kind of go after more of that traffic. So it tells you how many people search. And this one is actually pretty powerful. The cost per click, it tells you basically, you know how when you search in Google, did you always see the ads at the top? That’s always a really good indication that this is a buyer intent keyword phrase that people are actually willing to pay for and you know, they wouldn’t be willing to pay for it if it didn’t bring them money in on the back end.

Right? So the fact that people are willing to pay for this phrase is a good thing. You know, if there was ever a cent a case where this was zeroed out and there was no, people weren’t paying for it, I would shy away from that one because that tells me historically people have not seen a good return on that keyword phrase. But let’s go down. So we’ve got here a Yoga Naperville, which has quite a few more searches. That’s 720 a month and it’s not saying the difficulty score. So let’s go ahead and click on this magnifying glass. Sometimes it makes you do that, not sure why I’m okay and it’s still a 15. So it’s still easy. So being that easy and having 720 monthly searches, I like those odds and I think this is really a good money keyword. Uh, if, if this is the kind of business you’re in, so I would probably really take this on and run with it.

And then I look over here and I look at the competition. So, uh, the guy in the first spot, hot yoga Naperville has a domain authority of 19 and a page authority of 27. These are fairly good scores, but they’re not insurmountable. You could definitely, with a little bit of work, get to a point where you’re higher than this and even if you don’t, if your content, if you basically are able to build a better page that better serves the need, you will even outrank this person. So these scores are kind of a rough place to start with. The other big factor is really what you’re bringing to the table with your own page. And how much better can you do it than the other guys. And so what I like to do for any given page is have one focus keyword, you know, which is the primary when you’re going to go after.

And in this case I’d probably say it’s Yoga Naperville. So I’d want you to go ahead and click this little box, um, it basically adds it to the list and then also go through and choose, you know, three or four secondary keyword phrases that you might also want to rank for the, you can also include on your page because at the end of the day, it’s all about really stacking these keyword phrases back. A few years ago, Google had a really hard time doing this, you know, back a few years ago, you’d probably want one page dedicated to Yoga Naperville, then another page for Bikram Yoga, Naperville, um, but it’s not that way anymore. They’ve gotten much better at understanding overall topics of a page. So if you can use these keyword phrases on your page, strategical, you can actually rank for multiple keyword phrases on the same page. So let’s go ahead and just add a few more to the list.

Hot Yoga videos we wouldn’t want because that’s not really geographically relevant. So I wouldn’t do that. Yoga classes in Naperville, Illinois. Uh, it’s okay. It’s only got $30 a month, but we can just for this purpose, we’ll, we’ll click on that. And then maybe a hot yoga Naperville has quite a few people there. So let’s go ahead and just, we’ll call this our list. So we’ve got all these highlighted and then you would just click on this button, add to list and then name it. Okay. So once you’ve named it, just click create lists and add keywords. Then you can keep going if you want. And then when you’re done you can just go down here and click export and then you can either copy the keywords to the clipboard and your computer or you can export a spreadsheet of them. It’s up to you. And before we get going here, I do want to show you one extra thing here.

So basically there’s a filter you can use as well, um, which basically allows you to not have to see all of these things. You can basically filter it by a difficulty or how many people are searching. So let’s click on that. And it allows you to make a minimum search volume. Let’s say you don’t want any keywords that get less than a hundred searches per month and let’s say you want to keyword difficulty of nothing more than 20 and then you can go through and maybe, uh, you know, there’s, there’s certain words that you may want to make sure always included, like in this case, it might be Naperville because you want to really read out any results that are just general yoga because that probably wouldn’t really benefit your, your own yoga studio in Naperville and then excluded keywords, maybe something like jobs or salary because a lot of times you’ll find a lot of the, the searches will be about people looking for work, uh, at your studio versus looking to become a client.

So maybe you want to include those, exclude those, and then you would just click on set filter and then it would just show you all those results. And that’s really all there is to it. It’s pretty easy and this is a great all in one solution that I highly recommend. All right, so I hope that gets you excited to see you know there are some steps involved, but it’s really not rocket science and it’s not really hard to do this yourself and the good news is your competition probably isn’t doing it, giving you the advantage, but now I want to hear from you and I want to know what your biggest takeaway was from this video or if you have any extra keyword finding tips that I didn’t cover that maybe if it worked great for you, so just leave any questions you have or any of that in the comments below.

I will look at everything and I’ll answer any questions that I possibly can.

how long does it take to rank in google?

How Long Does it Take to Rank in Google?

Video Transcript:

One thing that comes up over and over again when I’m talking to clients is they always want to know how long does it take from the time that you put up a new page or a new article, how long does it take for Google to find that page and then start ranking it in the searches?

Now, honestly, there are many factors at play here, but there are some general benchmarks and some ways to predict how long it’s going to take based on your own site. So the biggest factors here, our site age and site authority, so generally speaking them or establish your website is the less time it’s going to take to rank content and it can rank higher income schools did a recent study where they tried to figure out how long it would take a the typical article or landing page to reach its full ranking potential. Now this study isn’t to say how long it’s gonna take to rank in the top 10 or to rank number one because not every piece of content is ever going to get there to be honest. So what we’re looking at here in this part of this video is how long it’s going to take any piece of content to get to 90 percent of his high as it’s ever going to get.

So they basically found three things. They found it for brand new sites, putting up a new page. That content took about 35 weeks to reach almost as high as it was ever going to get. And for a moderately established website, that same content would take 25 weeks to reach the 90 percent mark. And for well established sites you’re looking at more around 18 weeks. Okay. So what about for top 10 rankings? So obviously not everyone can be there for any given search. Only 10, uh, articles or pages can rank in that top 10. So basically h refs did a recent study where they found that the average page that ranks in the top 10 for any given search was right around two years old. And what about for those pages that actually ranking number one? Well, most of those, the average age is right around three years old.

So you might be wondering, you know, that sounds like kind of a long time, how do I get there a little bit faster? So there are two ways you can actually help get there faster. And the first way is to go after less competitive lower search volume terms. So to do that you can start adding will be called Keyword modifiers. To the keywords you want to rank for keywords like best or top or the current year. And the second way a website with an overall stronger backlink profile tend to be able to rank faster and higher. So my best recommendation here takes a little bit of time, but we’re going to want to start doing is creating regular content with lower competition for key words and lower search volume keywords. So you’re going to create these kinds of articles or videos or whatever the content is on a regular basis, and then you’re gonna want to start creating back links to all of those articles as well as to your homepage.

And what this is going to do is it’s going to start increasing your site’s authority over time. Now, I recently did a video about how to create quality backlinks and if you haven’t seen that video, you can get that one right up here. Or if this is something that you probably would rather outsource, I might recommend that it takes a lot of time and effort to do this. Uh, there’s a company that I use personally that I recommend called the Hoff and I’m going to leave a link to their website in the description below. All I know, I hope that shed a little bit of light on the question of how long it takes to rank. But now I want to hear from you and I want to know what your biggest takeaway was from this video. So I want to know all about that or any questions or comments you have.

Just leave it in the comment section below!

should you publish prices on your website?

Should You Publish Prices on Your Website?

Video Transcript:

Should you put prices on your website?

This is a great question, especially for service businesses because obviously if you sell products, you’re going to have your prices right there on your website because people have to know exactly what they’re buying on your website, but for service businesses, particularly if you offer a several different services, it can become a little more ambiguous, especially if every job is different and you need more information from your client in order to build out a quote.

So while it’s not always possible to actually list out hard prices on your website, I do think it’s very important to at least address your prices on your site. In this video, I’m going to show you why it’s so important and a few ways to get around some common sticking points that may have been stopping you from publishing your prices in the past. All right, so let’s talk about why it’s so important to, uh, to post your prices on your site. So basically, and with any website, it’s all about delivering a good user experience, which means delivering exactly what people expect to find on your site, which includes pricing, you know, your customers or clients expect to see pricing on your website the same way that you expect to see pricing when you’re in research mode, trying to, to come up with a service provider or try to find someone to help you with something you’re going through.

And in the old days, information was much more closely guarded. You know, businesses never wanted to give up any kind of anything they would consider to be a trade secret or the would harm their negotiating power, but today information is so much more readily available and if your customers are looking for pricing information, they’re going to find it. They can either find it from you or from one of your competitors. Now, one common mistake I still see so many service businesses make is they want to make their customers fill out a form to request a quote, but the problem with that is you know your customers these days are a lot more savvy than they used to be and they know exactly what you’re trying to do there. They know that you’re just really trying to tee up a sales call, which they may not be ready for.

I guess you don’t want people calling you at home. Well, now you know how I feel, so unless they’re already pretty sure that they want to work with you, they’re not going to fill out your form or they’re not going to call you for that pricing info. They’re just going to move on to the next result they see in the search, which is going to be one of your competitors to see what pricing info they can find there, so you actually want to show your information even if your competitors don’t, because if they do and you don’t, you’re basically going to be taking yourself right out of the running from the get go, but if your competition doesn’t show their pricing info, you still want to because you want to be the one who shows your pricing info because it gives you several key advantages.

It basically lets you set the expectation for the pricing of your service and secondly, since so many people are searching Google for pricing info on what you do, your pricing page can actually act as a landing page that people can discover your business through. So let’s say you’re an event planner. You know I’m sure there are definitely people who are googling event planner pricing in your city. So if you have that pricing page optimized on your site, you can get quite a few potential clients who are finding you through that page. Now the next reason is all about credibility, you know, in 2019 with so much information readily available out there, anything you hold back is just going to seem kind of shady to the average person. They’ll assume you just want to pitch them with that sales call or even worse, they might assume you actually change your pricing from client to client based on how much you think you can get out of them.

And that’s not something you want anyone thinking about the way you do business. So by publishing your prices in a straightforward way, it just makes people trust you, which is huge. The next reason, and this is a big one, uh, it helps you prequalify prospects. No, I can tell you from my own experience that before I started publishing my pricing, um, I’d waste a lot of time with the wrong kinds of prospects on the phone who had no idea what website consulting or in your website was really going to cost. So basically it’s been 15 minutes on the phone with someone hearing all about what they need, only for them to get sticker shock when they found out exactly how much the services cost. Now this is obviously a big waste of time for both people involved, for me and for that potential client. So publishing those prices actually accomplished two things, you know, basically it weeded out the people who were never going to be able to afford the service and for the people who could afford it and wanted to spend a little bit more in a more premium service by seeing that pricing there that’s in line with what they were already thinking in their head, it really told them that this is the service for me and I’m in the right place.

Okay, so now that you know all the reasons why it’s important to share your prices on your site, let’s talk about some best practices. In some ways you can actually go about this. So the first thing I want to talk about is, let’s say you’re pricing is above or even below the industry average. You know, you’re gonna wanna. Use Your pricing page to not only display your prices, but to kind of talk about a little bit why they are the way they are and give a little bit of justification to it. And one common way of doing that is to use price anchoring, which is basically putting your prices in context with your competition. So with price anchoring, you’re basically just showing the benefits of what people are going to get with your service that they wouldn’t get with a lower priced option. Another way of price anchoring involves a multiple price tiers, some of which are well above your normal core service.

That basically by comparison, makes what you’re normally offers seem much more affordable. So if you’re a wedding photographer and your normal packages and rider right around $4,000, maybe you offer a $10,000 package that’s just well above and beyond. That offers much more so that people see that and they think, I could never afford that. But then they see the $4,000 package and they say, oh, I could probably afford that. So those are just a few ways to use price anchoring to your advantage and it’s also important to keep in mind if your prices are higher than your competition, your website itself needs to reflect that. So in other words, if your website looks cheap, it’s going to be really hard to sell view as expensive. And finally, what if you can’t really list out your prices because you’re pricing is customized based on the needs of your clients.

You know, I can’t really list out actual hard prices on, on the deep ends website because there’s so many variables, you know, every website’s different with different functionalities, but I list out ballpark ranges which can actually be pretty broad in themselves, but at least with that can still do, is eliminate a lot of the people whose budgets fall well below those ballpark ranges or an alternative to ballpark pricing. We’d just be using the verbiage starting at. So you basically would say services starting at dot, dot, dot, and then just list out some of the factors that will contribute to that specific price. All right, so now I want to hear from you and I want to know are you going to start publishing your prices on your website after hearing all of this, um, why or why not? And you can leave that over along with any other questions or comments you have in the comment section below.

best testimonial web pages

5 Awesome Testimonial Web Pages You Can Copy

Video Transcript:

You know your website needs a testimonial page, so I’m gonna walk you through some of my favorites and tell you why they’re so good

It’s really easy for you to talk up your own product or service or business on your website, but it’s never going to be as powerful coming from you is it would be from previous or current customers.

You know, testimonials and reviews are vital to any business and ideally they should be kind of strategically sprinkled around your website, but it’s also really important to have a dedicated page devoted to them. So to illustrate what makes a really great testimonial page, I can think of no better way than just to show you some of my favorites and I’ll talk about why each is so powerful and I’ll even go over a few tweaks that I might make to make them perform even better. So let’s start with the first one and that is chow now. Okay. Over here on Chownow’s testimonial page. And right off the bat what I really like about this as we have a nice large hero image of smiling faces, which is just known to have a much higher conversion rates and really shows that they’re happy with the product.

And I like this nice large pull quote right here as well. Then going down the page, we see these really great customer stories and they have such a unified look to them and again, you can click on here and play the videos and the video is also just have a really nice look to them and they’re very unified and they look, they look the same and each one and they use it. Plenty of b roll and they tell a story from start to finish, which is better than just kind of a talking head saying how much they enjoyed the service. It really does tell that story, which I think goes a long way. So we’ll close out here, but basically again, it’s a nice list. They all look unified. They get these really great pull quotes right here. The kind of best summarize what’s in the video so that if you weren’t to watch the whole video you would at least be able to kind of pull out something really beneficial here.

And the other thing I like which is really smart, is they go ahead and this is a. This caters to a restaurants, it’s a service for restaurants, so they basically label as the Mexican restaurant or a sandwich restaurant. So basically what it allows people to do is go down and see which testimonial can I watch. It’s really going to closely mirror what I’m looking for and what kind of restaurant I am. So I think that’s really smart and if you go down even further to what they’ve done here is they’ve broken up the monotony from this layout to a new layout with three columns, which again is smart because by breaking it up visually, your eye is drawn further on down the page and then you get back to this layout. So by keeping it varied, people are much more likely to go further down the page and really read more of these customer stories.

So what would I change about this page? Well, there’s a few things. First of all, up at the top, you know, I am a fan of the large header image of the smiling faces. However, it’s a little distracting because of this background. It’s kind of a chalkboard background that makes it hard to read. It doesn’t really make it hard. You can definitely read the text if you try to, but your eye isn’t drawn to it in the way that it should be. Also, I would definitely take this text and move it down so it’s not covering their faces. I think that’s kind of a missed opportunity there. And the next thing I would change would be, it’s a little nitpicky, but down here in this section, I would go ahead and add a little image, a little customer image to all of these testimonials as well.

Next up we have visibo. Okay, here we are in visible as a customer testimonial page and right off the bat you can really get a sense of the personality of this company. And what I like here is they’ve got these little, um, testimonials that it looks like they’ve pulled straight from twitter, which is actually a great way to keep it fresh and to always keep new testimonials cycling in and out. And then as you roll on down the page, it’s really broken up visually. And then here they’ve got a customer service rating in a really large graphic which goes hand in hand with testimonials, right? And then further down here we get another section of more testimonials, a basically in a card layout which shows the image and nice pull quote in an option to read a more long form case study. And that’s a really smart strategy for any B, two B business.

And then going down, it ends with a really large video player with a nice wall produce testimonial video you can see here, and I love this page because it uses color, twitter, its advantage and it’s very visually interesting and it conveys the personality of the company. So now what would I fix? Okay. So having said that about the personality, that’s a little negated here by the actual case study a text, these pull quotes, read it, very industry jargon heavy, you know, by saying using the visible marketing tool truly streamlined or communication with attendees. Um, you know, it just, it feels like there’s an easier way to say that that will connect better. And what this tells me is it really seems like they asked their customers for written reviews that they repurposed. What I would have rather seen them do is actually interview these customers and their clients to get more off the cuff responses that really sound more like all human beings talk.

You know, it’s really hard to convey authenticity and excitement when you’re using these kinds of jargon, heavy words. And the next thing I might do, um, I might want to see them try to switch out the top section with the twitter poll quotes with this bottom section that has the video player. If it’s me, I’d rather have people watch a video where they get the whole story, especially if it’s a really nice, nicely produced video like this one. I think that’s more powerful than reading tweets, which are generally just too short to be effective. Number three on our list is codeacademy. Okay. Here on Code Academies Stories Page, which is their testimonials page. Uh, what I love about this is they started off with this video, which not only is one customer’s story, it’s basically three different customer stories, interspliced with each other and it really talks about each customer from beginning to end.

And it cuts back and forth to the different stories like a movie or a TV show would cutting through the different plots. And to me this makes it insanely watchable all the way through. Okay. And coming down the page, we get another section of. It’s a kind of a card layout and it really shows a lot of customers giving the sense that this company really has a lot of fans behind it and I love the fact that they use this card layout. It’s really visually appealing, especially since they are in fact using these customer images which I really think is necessary for authenticity and to make it really feel like these are real customers and what happens is whenever you click on one of these cards, it goes to a longer form story which starts with a the highlighted quote and then you see their whole story in a, in a standard format.

It always shows you know, how you got started, how it helped you and what advice you have for those making a career change and who would want to use this product. And I really liked these different sections because it makes it skimmable and it makes the. I go to exactly what’s more interesting to the specific person who’s looking at it. So a few things they might fix here would just be, I might make these paragraphs a little shorter. I might edit it down a little bit. I think that would make it even more skimmable and more digestible, and the other thing that is not quite working for me here are these headlines. They’re not necessarily evocative of a good testimonial. What I might switch those out with would be the best quote from their interview of something that really sells the benefits of the product and since most people aren’t going to click on to many of these, you really need to make these headlines count more so where do you don’t have to click through to see the good stuff and to see the nice things that are really saying about it.

But overall I really love this look and you could very easily do something like this where this headline was just more of a a testimonial quote. Moving right along. Number four, we have zapier. Okay, now this one’s kind of a cheat because it’s not technically a testimonials page. It is on [inaudible] homepage, but I’m still going to show it to you because this could very easily be a testimonials page in and of itself, and the thing I love most about this is just how simple it is. Look, it’s just a really straight up grid format with where it has the image of each person, which is key as I said, and then each quote basically just distills the customer success down to the most important statement. So my advice for you, if you go this route, I’m just make each one of these testimonials call out a different benefit since they’re so short.

You know, imagine if you had six short testimonials like this that each goes over a specific point or addresses a specific objection. That can be really powerful. So my only nitpick with this one is actually two. I have two things I want to mention. The first thing is I would definitely have loved to see a video here. I’m either above or below and I would actually really love to see the quote text be a little larger as well. All right. The last on our list and possibly my favorite is Marie forleo’s b school. Okay. So here we are on the review page for b school and there is a lot to love about this page. First and foremost, I love the headline. It just so simple. They did it. So can you, um, Marie forleo always has really great copy on all of her stuff. So if you’re ever stuck for copy, I would definitely check out Marie forleo’s website.

Um, she’s just got a lot of good stuff on there and going right down the page we’ve got, there’s a lot of reviews on here. So basically what I think is really smart here, as you can refine your results, you can filter them based on experience level. Um, let’s say you’re a total beginner. You can click that. And what’s so great about this is you always want your testimonials to really connect with your customer personas. So if you have more than one of those, you want a really easy way for them to go and find the stuff that’s going to be most relevant to them so they can see testimonials that they can really see themselves in, that’s going to be much more powerful than just showing everybody the same testimonials. So love that. You can filter through them here. I think that’s really great.

And going right down here, what we’ve got here is, um, I just think these are fantastic. You got a nice large photo and you have nice large text and then it gives you the option of reading more so you can click on that and go to this person’s whole story. Or what I think is really cool too is it gives you the option of seem more like this. So if this is someone that you resonate with, you can, it’ll basically show you more reviews that are very similar. Again, you get to choose your own adventure and you get to see how people just like you can be helped by this. And as we go down here, we’ve got this list and then like I brought up in the, one of the other examples, they go from one format to another, which really breaks up the monotony and keeps people scrolling down the page.

Anytime you can break up the layout and make it visually interesting, you should do that. So then going down even further, it’s broken up again by this, uh, just a really large, a background image and a color. And this is basically what I would consider to be a featured review. You know, it gets a little more visual interest in, stands out on its own. And it pretty much follows this format all the way down in the, the color gets changed here. Every time there’s a featured, it’s a new color, which I think is cool. And what’s really great about this website is it knows its audience, it knows it’s a primarily female audience and it really does. It’s designed to really appeal to the specific audience. You can tell the Marie forleo really has her customer persona nailed down and she always designs everything for that audience.

Okay, so what would I fix here? There’s not a whole lot I would fix. This is one nitpick that I have a. let’s find it up here. Okay, here we go. So basically on on here, some of these featured a testimonials. Have a video. The problem is it’s buried here. There’s like this tiny little text that says play video without would obviously rather see is that video just to take center stage and be a player that’s visible, Kinda just begs to be clicked on. All right, so I hope this gave you some really great ideas for your own testimonial page. But now I want to hear from you and I want to know which of these examples, what is your favorite and what can’t you wait to try on your own testimonial page. I want to know all about it. So leave it in the comment section below with any other questions you might have.

How to Build Powerful Backlinks for 2019

Video Transcript:

When it comes to getting your site ranked on Google searches, the trendy advice of the day, everyone just says, you know, create great content, which is great and you should be creating great content, but just having great content in and of itself is only going to get you so far.

Getting backlinks from other websites is still a huge ranking factor for google. It basically signals to Google and all the other search engines that your site is actually good enough to warrant sharing. And when you start looking at the history of backlinking, there was a lot of really spammy things that people used to do with private blog networks and these kinds of things that just google started really devaluing all those kind of backlinks and they’ve gotten to a better place. We’re now everything is much more earned and they’re looking at all these different signals that go with backlinks. So if you really want to focus on or white hat techniques, uh, which are basically buy the book and the way Google wants you to do it so that you never end up getting penalized by google, which can really suck.

And it can take you a long time to kind of get back into their good graces. If you’ve, if you’ve fallen off, so everything I tell you today is going to be purely white hat that’ll never get you penalized and will keep you rising through the ranks. Hopefully. Now we should mention before we get started that some of these techniques are going to rely on you having good quality content on your site first because a lot of times it’s much harder to get people to link to your homepage or a product page or a service page. They’re much more likely and a lot of cases to link to a great article or a great video. You’re just going to get many more people to say yes to link to a great article or video on your site rather than a product page. But the good news is any length you get to any page on your entire website is going to benefit your entire website.

So today I’m going to show you five of my favorite ways to get these back links and tell Google that your business is the one that they should be pushing to the top of your customers searches. And I will be saving my favorite for last, so be sure to stick around for that. So my first tip may not be surprising, but I’m going to get into some really interesting ways of doing this and to really up your chances of getting it, of making it work for you. And that is a guest posting, so if you don’t know what this is, basically you are writing blog posts for other people’s blogs and then they are linking back to your site in the author bio and the way this usually works is you find relevant blogs that are in your niche and then you reached out to the blog owners and you pitch them your idea.

Now there are a few problems with this. Over the past few years, blog owners have been getting inundated with really spammy blog posts requests. I have a blog on my site. I get these all the time and I pretty much ignore 99 percent of the requests. I get that it’s mostly because they come from these really unreputable article farms there really only are looking for a link and they’re really not interested in writing a good quality article which leads to the next problem, which is it’s really hard to know sometimes which of the blogs you may find a blog that is in your industry. How do you know they actually take guest posts anymore? Because a lot of them, including my blog, we don’t take them anymore just because of all those really spammy requests. We always get someone to help you tackle these problems one at a time first to find those blogs that actually do still accept guest posts.

Here’s where you’re going to do so. First, find someone in your industry who writes a lot of guest posts, um, I suggest finding them on twitter and then just copy the url of the headshot they use in their profile photo and then paste that url into a google reverse image search. Then the results will all be pages where that photo appears otherwise known as their guest posts around the web because every time they write a guest post, that image is usually going to be showing up in the bio section, so that’s a really cool way to find the opportunities, but so how do you pitch them your idea in a non spammy way. Just be a human being about it. Just don’t try to take shortcuts and a really templatize email to everybody. Make sure every time you reach out to a blog owner it’s personal and you’re actually pitching a couple ideas of articles and that’s really important.

So don’t just say, Hey, do you mind if I write an article for you? Say, Hey, I’ve got these two or three ideas and here’s what they are. Would you like to see a draft of any of them? Probably next step. We have link roundups, so at that is is a, you know, a lot of blogs around the web will like to link to good quality content and they’ll usually do that periodically. Maybe they’ll have a weekly roundup or a daily roundup or monthly where they basically say, hey, these are the links we liked best this week, so it’s you’re going to want to do is just go to Google and type in a search like this, type in your keyword phrase or your industry plus link roundup or plus roundup or best of or this week, this month, et Cetera, and just kind of find those opportunities based on those searches.

Once you find the right websites, you’re just going to reach out in a very similar way. As they talked about for guest posting. You’re just going to reach out to the blog owner with a really simple email and actually recommend using this sample script, which I’m actually going to leave in full in the description below. So as you can see, it’s not pushy and it complements their work and I should say anytime you’re going to reach out to a blog owner, do a little bit of homework first and make sure you’re sending the email to the right person and you actually use their name. Because there’s someone who gets these kinds of pitches. A lot for my own blog, I can only tell you how big of a turnoff it is when it’s written to whom it may concern, or sometimes I get just a random name that no one even works here by that name.

So do a little bit of homework and make sure you’re writing to the right person. All right, number three on the list or links from podcasts. So podcasts are becoming more popular than ever before. And the cool thing about them is there really is a podcast for everything even, you know, so called boring niches. If you find yourself in, in one of those and they all need content on a weekly basis or however often they produce and most of these podcasts are actually interview based and they’re looking for experts who can come on and talk at length about a certain subject. So how does this translate into a link for you? Uh, so basically if you were to go on a podcast, they’re going to usually link back to your website in the show notes from their website. And the cool thing about this is they’ll usually link to just about any page you want them to, including a homepage or a service or a product page.

So if you have an area of expertise, and I bet you do a, all you really need to do is go to itunes and just do a simple keyword search for podcasts in your niche. And when you find them, they always have a link to their websites. You can go directly there and on their website they almost always have a contact page. So get in touch with them and just pitch yourself in picture idea. Now I recommend a few things here. I definitely recommend listening to at least one episode so that you have something you know a little more personal to bring up or to compliment or to comment on. That’s really gonna. Make your email pitch stand out much more. And along those same lines, I definitely recommend subscribing to their podcast, giving it a five star rating and then letting them know that in the email and then let them know that you think you would make a great guest to talk about.

Fill in the blank, so the trick is to make it specific and what I would recommend is look at the list of episodes they have to see what they’ve already covered and what blind spots you could go in and fill in with a topic that you really know something about. And I should say you probably don’t want to go after the biggest podcasts out there to start. They probably have a lot more competition for guests, so go after, you know, smaller ones to start and then once you have a few interviews then you can start bringing that to the table for the bigger fish to get better and bigger links as you go forward. Okay. And along these same lines, uh, you can be a goto source for media outlets because, you know, it’s one thing to get links from smaller websites, but it’s quite another to get them from the big boys, you know, New York Times, Forbes, Huffington post, and it sounds hard to get those right.

Well, it’s not always as hard as you think. What if I told you that there’s a website out there whose only job is to connect experts with journalists and bloggers that are looking for sources? Will that website exists and it’s called help a Just sign up as a source, a fill out a simple profile that indicates your areas of expertise and you’ll start getting emails about articles that are looking for sources. Just start responding to the ones that you think you can add value to and see who responds. Now this isn’t a slam dunk. You may have to actually start responding to a few of these before you get any response back, but as long as you respond in a professional and polite way, you’ll probably start getting some really reputable backlinks just for providing a written response to a specific question. I actually got a link from the New York Times this very way.

Okay, and that brings us to my favorites method of getting back links, and this is my favorite because rather than creating a bunch of articles or a bunch of different kinds of content are going out a bunch of podcasts, you basically create one really good piece of content and then you spread that around the web and I’m talking about many multimedia guest posts, so here’s what you do. You basically have to create one really great piece of content. It can be a video, it can be an infographic or even a podcast. Then you pitch a bunch of different blogs in your niche, that content, so in that email you’re going to link directly to that piece of content and you know the video or the infographic, but then you’re also going to offer to write a unique mini post to accompany it. You know this is a great scalable way to get a lot of backlinks from one piece of content.

Then basically rewrite the same mini article a bunch of different ways so that it ends up being unique to each individual blog. Posts it. I did this a few years back with this infographic and it had it published and around 50 different blogs around the web and if you want to create an infographic but you’re not a designer, that’s fine. All you need to do is really find a good article or piece of content to base it on. You know, where’s the information coming from? And then you can usually hire a designer for, you know, around 100 and $250 who will actually take that content and bring it to life for you. I’d recommend just going to the info studio website and just typing in infographics and the search bar and you’ll find a bunch of really talented designers to do this for you. And if you really want to up the positive responses, you know the yeses.

You get to this. I would actually recommend spending a little bit more and hiring a designer to create an animated infographic. These just look way cooler and the novelty of it is going to result in more people interested in posting it. And the good news here is you can probably make it a little less involved and shorter if it’s animated. Okay. And one last bonus tip here. If all of this sounds good, but maybe you don’t quite have the time to be building all these backlinks yourself, it might actually make more sense for you just to outsource your link building efforts. There’s a company I use called the Hoff that does really great work and they start at around $50 for some really basic link building and they go up to a several hundred dollars for more advanced, but they do a really good job. I’ve been using them for a few years now, uh, with some really great results.

So I’m going to put the link to The Hoth here. All right, but now I want to hear from you and I want to know which of these tactics are you excited to start using in 2019 to start building up some really great back links to your website. I want to know which one or if you have any other tips that I have missed, please leave those in the comment section below as well.

losing website visitors

6 Reasons Why You’re Losing Website Visitors

Video Transcript:

So you’ve already gotten people to your site successfully. That’s half the battle. The other half of the battle is keeping them around long enough to actually check out what you’ve got and get enough information to convert into a customer.

So today we’re going to talk about the six biggest reasons why people may be leaving your site and more importantly, what you can do to fix it. And the first reason is very simple. They can immediately see what it is that you offer. Now, this is a very common problem. It’s still way too common just because you understand your business inside and out. It doesn’t mean that new people coming to your site for the first time are going to get it right away. Some people will try to get a little too clever with their headline. They try to be funny or witty with it. Um, but really I’m going to tell you that clarity beats clever everyday of the week. So here’s what you do and it’s actually really simple. Just write new, very clear headline that says exactly who you help, what you do, and then maybe a sub headline that talks a little bit about how you do that.

Now, the next big reason is just a bad or outdated design. Now this may seem really obvious, but it’s still all too common. Maybe your website is from 10 years ago and it’s just not really doing anything to get that kind of trust that are more modern, clean, uncluttered, a website. We’ll get you and honestly there are a lot of elements that can contribute to a batter out data looking, design, a photo’s being one of them. Maybe they’re just really kind of blurry or amateurish like looks like you took them with your phone or maybe it’s the complete opposite and maybe these are obvious stock photos that people have really gotten used to over the years. Like the image of the customer service rep or that really cliched boardroom handshake type photo. You know, people have seen these a million times over and over again and what they do is they really kind of can make you look like you’re not even a real business with real people behind it.

Or maybe there are broken elements on the page. Things aren’t weighing out correctly or things are just not there. They’re supposed to be. They’re broken images, broken links, and these are also things that can really make your business look more amateur than it really is. And maybe all of these elements actually looked really great on desktop, but when people are searching on mobile, it’s a different story and things really aren’t loading correctly. They’re not, I don’t know if you know, but over 60 percent of people browsing the Internet right now are doing it from their mobile device and that number keeps growing all the time. So you’re definitely gonna want to make sure that not only looks great on desktop but on mobile as well. So if it’s any of those things that you mentioned, outdated or photos, blurry amateur photos are obvious, stock photos, maybe you can swap those out.

That might be the only easy fix here. Beyond that, you’re probably looking at a possible redesign. But the good news is there are a lot of cheaper options out there and you don’t have to necessarily drop thousands of dollars. There are a lot of really great looking wordpress premium themes that you can easily customize for your business. All right, and number three, you may be turning people off with a lack of visual content. You know, if you’ve watched videos on this channel before, you already know that 80 percent of people coming to your site are really only skimming. They’re not really reading the whole page. So it’s really a missed opportunity not to include plenty of visuals that not only look good and kind of break up the page, but they can also act as a visual cues telling people exactly what it is you offer. So the interview can illustrate one of your key points with a visual that goes along with it that makes it really easy to grasp in a second that you should always try to do that.

So go ahead and add more visuals. You know, photos or icons are great and there are also ways of making your text more visual as well. And skimmable so you know, keep the paragraph short and use headlines and lists and you know, use bolden Italax to really emphasize key points whenever possible. Okay, this next one is a big one because it can mean people abandoning your page before they even ever see it. And that is of course, page load speed. So I don’t know if you know this, but you know, 40 percent of people will actually leave your site if it doesn’t load in under three seconds. So I want you right after this video to go to google page speed insights to test the load speed of your own site and see how it stacks up. Not only will it give you a basic score, but it’s also gonna give you a list of improvements you can make and don’t worry they are going to probably look technical.

So you may or may not be able to do those yourself. You may have to give that list to your developer or at least hire one on a website like upwork to kind of make those changes for you. And remember this as well. It’s all about perception. So when I, what I mean by that is there are a lot of different ways that you can make your website feel faster than it actually is. You know, things like lazy loading, where the elements of the top of the page actually load first and then everything down the page loads as you go down the page. So there’s not such a strain on the entire website to load all at once and then it just ends up feeling much faster to your site visitor, so they’ll stay around longer and there’s actually a free wordpress plugin called Bj Lazy loader that should help you accomplish this in just a matter of seconds, and there’s actually quite a few free plugins for wordpress that will help you speed up your page.

So maybe try that first before you take that list to your developer if you want to save a little bit of money. Okay, next on the list is cliched or jargony copy. If your copy doesn’t connect with your customers in a meaningful way or if they have to try to decode it, they’re probably not going to stick around long enough to actually figure it out. So really resist that urge to try to impress by using the biggest words and don’t also expect that your customers know as much about your industry as you do. And there’s actually a really simple fix for this. Just write the way you speak. Conversational copy actually works great across most industries unless you’re, you know, heavy into the Btby, a medical or government space, and even then I wouldn’t get too informal with it, but I would definitely try to write a little more conversationally than you think you should and they actually have a really actionable tip you can use to get more conversational copy and that involves record yourself, talking about your business as if you’re talking about it to a friend, talk about what makes your business unique or special and why they should care about it.

Then you can take that recording and use it as the basis for your copy and when you’re actually writing that copy, forget about all the rules you learned about grammar back in school. You can use sentence fragments, contractions in slang. In fact, it’s going to generally help you connect on a much deeper level with your customers. Then if you were to write your website like a term paper, okay, number six, we have option overload. Now, while you may think that your customers and site visitors want a lot of options, the truth is providing too many options can really cripple your sales and your ability to generate leads from your website. So what you should do instead is really narrow down your focus into only the most important things that people are really going to need to know before there’ll be interested in what you offer.

So include a short overview about what exactly your offer is, three main benefits that they’re going to receive from your offer. A list of features that show them exactly what they’re going to get, and then some nice reviews and testimonials, and then end it all with a really strong, clear call to action, telling them exactly what to do next. You know, people actually love to be told what to do next because it takes the guesswork right out and it makes the path forward very clear. So I hope that sheds some light on what may be going wrong on your own website and some actionable ways that you can take to fix it. But now I want to hear from you and I want to know which of these tips, uh, are you most excited to put onto your own website? I want to know all about it.

Of course, any questions you have or comments just put it in the comment section below. I’ll check them all out and I’ll answer all the questions that I possibly can.