Video: 1 Single Tip to Writing Web Copy That Sells

Video Transcript

If you’re stuck for writing about your own product or service on your website, you’re not alone. We’re going to go over one simple trick to writing effective web copy that sells.

When businesses get a new website they tend to focus really heavily on the design element. I come from a background of web design, so I understand that, but actually the most important thing that’s the most underrated is web copy. The truth is well crafted web copy can make the difference between getting a lead, or making a sell, or not. If you can say only one thing on your website, what would it be? You’d probably want to talk about what makes you, or your product, or service, or your business so amazing, right? Absolutely wrong. The harsh reality is your potential customers don’t care about you at all. They don’t even care about what you do.

People come to your website because they’re having some kind of problem and they’re hoping that you’re the solution. This can be a very real problem like they just had a pipe burst and they need a plumber out there right now. Or it can be something as simple as just trying to find a place to eat, but you need to put it in terms your customers care about. How can you help them and make their lives better?

I know you probably think that by talking about what makes your business so unique or so good is going to imply what the customer gets, but it really doesn’t work that way. By saying you’re the number one rated plastic surgeon in Chicago, that’s really only an implied benefit. Here’s how you should be focusing on, why are you number one rated? Who rated you number one? You should be speaking to what your customer or patient in this case, gets and more importantly what does that do for them? Something like, “Trust your face to Dr. Smith, he’ll turn back time and make you look 20 years younger.” Then you might want to have a few bullet points to support this and add a few more details.

Something like, “Dr. Smith is rated #1 plastic surgeon in Chicago by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. You can trust that you will achieve the look you desire.” Now, you’ve still gotten your point across but you’ve put it in terms that mean something to your customer because if you don’t give them those reasons why they should choose you they’re going to come up with their own reasons. It may be completely off base and probably weaker than what you’d have come up with on your own. To write more effective web copy you want to clearly state what your customer will get.

Also, how that will benefit them, how it will improve their life. Whenever you think it’s a good opportunity to brag a little bit about your business and talk about what makes you so great, resist that urge and turn it back around on the customer.

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