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You’ve got a brand new project in the works but where is your content coming from? Whenever we take on a new web project one of the biggest hurdles to the process is always where the content is coming from. It happens all the time. We come up with a very clear web strategy including all the different types of content. Testimonials, images, landing pages, overviews, staff bios, you name it. The client says, “No problem, we’ll take care of all of that content on our end.” There’s two big problems with this.

The first is they don’t have the time to come up with the content very quickly and we do need that content in order to start the design process. The content is really what drives the conversions and the design is only meant to support that. The second part of the problem is they don’t understand how to write web copy that sells. Along similar lines if we’re talking about images they’re not exactly professional photographers. What happens in this case?

The project stalls until our client has had enough time to write and gather all the content in order for us to even start. As you can imagine this is a huge productivity problem. It can take a simple process that should take no more than a month stretched out into multiple months and we’ve waited as long as a year before before a project was actually ready to go. In some of our cases the project is just abandoned altogether. This is really sad because our client came to us wanting something new but then once they saw the work involved they decided whatever they had originally was preferable to actually having to come up with that kind of content on their own.

When we do get it it’s usually focused on the wrong things because again they’re not well versed in writing persuasive web copy. We end up getting copy that will talk a lot about them as a business and not putting it into context that the customers care about. The easiest solution to this is to work with a copywriter who specializes in writing web copy. You might be thinking, “We’re a start up. We can’t really afford to work with a copywriter.” The point is it pays for itself very quickly because it’s written in such a way that persuades people to actually buy from you. You get more customers, you get more leads, so basically it pays for itself over time.

A web writer also knows how to write for search engines. They can put your key words that you want to rank for very strategically within the body copy. Really it’s a twofer. You’re getting more sales and then you’re getting more sales again because you’re actually being found for the terms you want to rank for when people search within Google. The moral of this story is it’s not really an expense if you get a good return on your investment. If you either don’t have the time or aren’t skilled at coming up with the type of content that’s going to make your website as persuasive as it can be, then you’re probably going to want to work with a professional copywriter.

If you’re working with a web design agency you’re going to want to ask if they work with a copywriter and if they don’t you’re going to probably want to find one on your own that can work in conjunction with your web design agency to give the best possible product in the end. If you’re wondering how is this copywriter going to know our business well enough to actually write about it? That’s easy and it’s actually a pretty interesting process where they will actually sit down with you and interview you and talk to you. Pick your brain all about your business so at the end they’ll have a really good sense of how to frame it and even better than that they can establish a tone that complements your brand identity.

All of this goes for your images as well. Basically you’re going to want to hire an agency that has either access to a large library of photos or you’re going to want to spend a few extra dollars to hire for some custom photography, which you’ll definitely want if you’re doing staff photos or any kind of photos within your office or product photos, anything like that. You’re going to really want to hire professionals to do that. Working with a pro would really make your site look that much more credible which is half the battle here.


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May 31, 2016

Everyone has same question after website. how to generate content for website….Article gives us exact answer


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