How to Write Web Copy for Customer Generation

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If you want your website to speak more powerfully to your potential customers, I’m going to show you a few small tweaks you can make and we’re starting right now.

Hey guys, Wes McDowell here for The Deep End, And we do new videos here each and every week, so if you’re not subscribed yet, be sure to click subscribe and also the little bell button so you never miss another video you need to succeed online. Now, if you’re here with me today, my guess is that your website isn’t connecting as well as it can with your potential customers. Now, if you’re like a lot of businesses, you may think that the visual components of your website are the most impactful, but the truth is the right website copy will be your best friend and will get you more customers than you ever thought it could. But in order to do that, you need to properly connect with your customers. Let them know that you understand their pain points and more importantly that you can help them solve them, but the problem that I see over and over again with most businesses, clients of mine, as well as just sites around the web, most websites default to talking way too much about themselves and about the business, but here’s the truth, and it may be hard to hear, but people don’t even care about you or your business.

All they care about is how you can help them with their problem. So what we’re going to talk about here today involves shifting the focus from you and your business on your website to your customers and their problems. In business, it’s really important to understand that customers need to know that you understand what they’re going through and you’ll also need to understand the most buying decisions are based on emotion and only after they’ve made the decision, do they want to back that decision up with logic. So right now I’m going to show you how to make this shift and appeal to this is on your own website. Okay, so here we are on a fictitious site. I didn’t necessarily want to call anyone out for having bad copy, so you just kind of came up with this, but it is pretty representative of a lot of the issues I see very commonly.

So what we have here is a nice big header with a headline that just says we’re Seattle’s first choice for dog boarding. Um, so the problem here is this is really business oriented and it provides no clear benefit for the customer. Um, you know, think of the person who was in the situation where they’re trying to find a dog border. Um, they’re probably nervous about leaving their dog in the first place and they’re probably feeling a certain amount of stress because this is just one more thing on their to do list while they’re trying to prepare for vacation or business trip. So they’re probably saying they need a trustworthy place. They can bring their dog that’s not super inconvenience and they’re probably not really thinking themselves that are looking for Seattle’s first choice for dog boarding, you know, because the problem with this is that’s a very vague statement.

Um, what are they first choice in who’s doing that calculation? Um, you know, this sounds like one of those just very hyperbolic statements that they just pulled out of thin air and while the business owner probably thinks that being first choice in something carries with it an inherent benefit and sure we can extrapolate a benefit from this, but customers shouldn’t really have to connect those dots on their own. Uh, not only shouldn’t they have to, they likely won’t. And that’s not because your web visitors are dumb, it’s that they’re distracted and they really need things spelled out or they’re likely just to hit the back button and go to the next choice. Okay, so how do we fix this? I would start with a new headline that takes the emphasis off of the business and onto the customer. So how about this one? Worry free guilt free boarding that works with your busy life.

Can you see how much more customer focused? This is already because any customer landing on this page, uh, their biggest concern is likely to be convenience and the quality of the care. And we’ve hit on both of these with this headline, worry free that works with your busy life, really talks about the convenience factor and guilt free talks about the quality of care of the dog is likely going to get because really at the end of the day with this customer is most concerned about is not feeling guilty and not having to worry about the dogs situation and while they’re out of town. So with this headline, you know, we as the customer feel like this place really understands what’s on her mind and that they’re here to help. So that’s the headline, which is super important, but now let’s move on to another common area that a lot of businesses get wrong.

And that is the features area. So when a lot of websites, you’ll see a section like this, uh, we, it’s called Pooch perks. In this case, we’re just basically talks about the benefits you’ll get if you go with us as a company. But there’s a problem with just talking about the features. While we can extrapolate the benefits that these features provide, it still requires a little bit too much dot connecting on the end user. So what I recommend you do is not replace anything here necessarily, but add to it. So let’s provide the benefits that each one of these features provides. So we’re starting with the live pet cams. It says weather, sleeping or playing, you’ll have the peace of mind checking in on your best friend wherever, whenever. So we’re not only saying we have live pet cams were saying why that matters to you.

Same with shuttle service in grooming services. The shuttle service basically talks about if you don’t have time to do the drop offs or pickups, we will take that off your plate. And the grooming services basically says, yeah, your dog may get dirty when he’s playing here, but will deliver them in better condition than when we picked him up. So these are just a few examples of how benefit driven customer focused copy can really make a difference when it comes to connecting with your customers. Okay, so now I want to hear from you. I would love to know how you plan on applying this tactic to your own site, just post the before and after. Copy in the comments below, and as always, I am just a common away. So if you have any questions about any of this, please leave them below as well. And I will get to all of the questions and for even more help on this topic, be sure to access my free mini course right over here, uh, how to guarantee website Roi. And if you’re not subscribed yet, go ahead and subscribe by clicking the little circle icon down here. I’m Wes McDowell with The Deep End and I’ll see you in the next video.

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